Plan and execute a host of applications with the extremely diverse Infinity Scanner.

Using the LAS X interface, set up multiple laser channels and techniques within a single experiment.

  • acceptor bleaching
  • activation
  • switching
  • optogenetics
  • cutting
  • ablation
  • uncaging
Hela cells stably expressing Actin Chromobody-TagGFP2. Courtesy of ChromoTek GmbH, Munich, Germany.
1 Fiber Port: Coupling of laser fiber from Widefield Supply Unit,stand-alone lasers or 3rd party lasers
2 Free Space Port: Fiber free direct laser coupling
3 Vario-Optic: Corrects 350 – 800nm wavelength lasers for parfocal scanning
4 Galvo scanners: High speed X-Y scanning of laser beam
5 Aperture: Adjustment of the scanner laser beam profile

Tunable photomanipulation

With dual optical pathways, the module is able to chromatically correct a wide range of lasers for multi-spectral photomanipulation applications.

Dual optical pathways

Add to that an adjustable beam profile. Whether you need high power density for FRAP or quickly want to manipulate larger regions with an extended spot - the InfinityScanner is your flexible photomanipulation solution.

Illuminate. Irradiate. Obliterate.

Pulsed Laser Unit – DMi8 S

Whether you need to gently irradiate samples for DNA damage and uncaging, increase power levels for sub-cellular organelle perturbation and disruption, or cut and ablate through whole tissues, the Pulsed Laser Unit offers an all-in-one solution. Add this UV laser unit to the Infinity Scanner for precise targeting within the focal plane of your sample.

The DMi8 S system also enables users to combine the Pulsed Laser Unit (PLU) with fiber coupled laser sources for a flexible, upgradable solution offering optogenetics, photobleaching and photoactivating on one universal system.

  • Scalpel to sledgehammer – all-in-one solution for gentle irradiation to whole tissue ablation
  • Fully integrated into DMi8 S – Intelligent automation eliminates risk of damaging optical components.
  • Customizable – record and cut in real-time or combine with multi-dimensional imaging

Typical Applications

  • Cutting
  • Ablation
  • DNA damage
  • Uncaging
  • Substrate marking
Cutting of actin stress filaments labeled with mEOS in COS-7 cells.
Courtesy: Dr. Ralf Jacob, Philipps University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany
LAS X experiment design tool for Infinity Scanner and Infinity TIRF

Advanced experiment design

Use the new experiment design tool to set up and execute advanced experiments combining multiple imaging modalities.

The modular design allows you to perform imaging tasks, like photomanipulation or TIRF, both simultaneously and sequentially. Quickly master setting up simple to complex time lapse experiments, z-stacks, and acquisition loops with this expandable tool.

Advanced live cell imaging

Get the most out of your DMi8 S system by adding both the Infinity Scanner and Infinity TIRF modules.

Powered by LAS X software and built on the brilliant optics of the DMi8 inverted microscope, the complete system is an outstanding solution for advanced live cell imaging.

DMi8 S Infinity Scanner system

  • Fully motorized DMi8 system with 2 Infinity Ports
  • Infinity Scanner
  • Infinity TIRF
  • High speed Fiber Switch
  • Adaptive Focus Control (AFC)
  • WSU laser box
  • DFC9000 GT Camera (sCMOS)
  • LAS X software

Fiber Switch

The Fiber Switich allows you to use the same lasers for both the Infinity TIRF and Infinity Scanner within one experiment.

With a piezo driven switching time of 3ms, this ultra stable and reproducible high speed switch enables advanced multimodal experiments. 

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