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Multi-spectral photomanipulation tool Infinity Scanner

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  • What is Photomanipulation?

    The term photomanipulation describes a wide range of techniques that enable the microscopist the transition from passive observer to instigator of events by offering a way of interacting with their…
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  • Photoactivatable, photoconvertible, and photoswitchable Fluorescent Proteins

    Fluorescent proteins (FPs) such as GFP, YFP or DsRed are powerful tools to visualize cellular components in living cells. Nevertheless, there are circumstances when classical FPs reach their limits.…
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  • Optogenetic Toolkit Goes Multicolor

    Optogenetics is a technique that allows scientists to control neurons’ electrical activity with light by engineering them to express light-sensitive proteins. Within the past decade, it has become a…
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  • Optogenetics

    Optogenetics is a technique that allows light-controlled responses of transfected cells. The cells are genetically modified by introduction of genes that code for light-induced channels or ion pumps.…
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  • Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching (FRAP) and its Offspring

    FRAP (Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching) can be used to study cellular protein dynamics: For visualization the protein of interest is fused to a fluorescent protein or a fluorescent dye. A…
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  • Fields of Application

  • This confocal image shows one scan layer of the acoel worm Isodiametra pulchra. The following parts are stained: cyan: nuclei, green: stem cells, magenta: expression of the genes T-Brain/Eomes (gonads und oocytes). Left: anterior. The worm is about 1 mm of size. Photo: Aina Børve, Sars

    Live Cell Imaging

    Shifting perspective from single microscope components to a full working live cell imaging solution, Leica Microsystems integrates microscope, LAS X imaging software, cameras, and dedicated…
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  • Leica photomanipulation


    The term photomanipulation encompasses a range of techniques that utilize the properties of fluorescent molecules to initiate events and observe how dynamic complexes behave over time in living cells.…
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