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Leica FluoCombi III Fluorescence stereomicroscope accessory

For genetic applications

The Leica FluoCombi III, an accessory for the Leica M165 FC fluorescence stereomicroscope, allows combining 3D observation and high-resolution imaging within one instrument by simply switching between stereo objective and a 5x HR objective.

The stereo mode offers large object fields, working distance and depth of field. Switching to the parfocal and parcentral HR objective enables parallax-free documentation down to finest cellular structures- an ideal tool for genetic applications such as screening, sorting, and dissecting drosophila.

Simultaneous use of 1X stereo objective and 10X or 20X compound objective for high resolution imaging.

Key Features

Stereo and Macro-view

Stereo and Macro-view within one instrument- allows to combine high resolution imaging with sample manipulation.

Parfocal and parcentral

Parfocal and parcentral use of stereo and 5x HR objective- ensures that the structures of interest remain in focus.

Parallax-free documentation

Parallax-free documentation with 5x HR objective – highest optical precision for accurate and detailed 3D-information.

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