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Leica LED3000 RL Compact LED Ring Illuminator for Uniform Illumination

The Leica LED3000 RL ring illuminator guarantees bright, uniform illumination of the specimen over a large object field at a constant color temperature. This is achieved by using the latest generation of LEDs, but above all by using the focusing lens specially developed by Leica.

The compact design makes for easier side access to the various specimen.

With the control of individual segments (half rings, quarter rings), you can achieve different contrasts and thereby gain additional information from your specimen.

Leica LED3000 RL

Key Features

Specially developed focusing lens

This extends the uniformly illuminated object field and provides a constant color temperature

Diffuser and polarization set

These accessories reduce reflection (diffuser) or eliminate it (pol. set)

Supports objectives with a 58 mm diameter

Can be used universally with different instruments within the optimized working distance of 60 to 150 mm

Integration into Leica Application Suite

Illumination settings are saved with the image and can be recalled. (Store and recall module). Large time savings with recurring specimens.

Compact design

Eases access to the specimen

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