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Leica LED5000 MCI Multi contrast illumination system with integrated arches for daylight quality

With the Leica LED5000 MCI different scenes can be selected, i. e. lighting from left or right. Depending on the lighting direction, different contrasts and shadowing is possible.

Depending on the lighting angle, different contrasts and shadowing is possible. The different scenes are controllable directly on the unit or with Leica LAS Software.  

Leica LED5000 series

The Leica LED5000 illumination systems were especially designed for Leica high-performance stereo microscopes and are highly integrated into the entire Leica system. All settings of the illumination…

Leica LED illumination series

Leica Microsystems offers a wide range of modern LED illumination systems for every kind of incident light application. This range includes flexible LED cold light sources, compact integrated LED…

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