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Leica MA TS Accurate Microscope-stage for Temperature Sensitive Samples

The Leica MATS heating system for microscopes and stereomicroscopes provides sensitive microscopic specimen imaging under accurate temperature conditions.

The automatic temperature control allows temperature setting in 0.1°C increments up to a maximum of 50° for accurate reproducibility.  An integrated temperature sensor ensures even, consistent thermal conductivity over the entire surface of the stage to prevent overheating or temperature drops. 

Temperature stability over long time periods allows the user to perform time-lapse experiments accurately and safely.

Precise, automatic temperature control allows accurate settings for temperature sensitive applications.

Key Features

Automatic temperature control

Precise, automatic temperature control – allows accurate temperature settings for application with temperature sensitive samples.

High temperature stability

High temperature stability – provides over 5 hours of accurate temperature conditions for time-lapse experiments with temperature sensitive samples.

Large, flat work area

Large, flat work area – for easy observation and efficient warming of multiple Petri dishes or specimen holders simultaneously.

Accurate thermal distribution

Accurate thermal distribution – provides even, consistent distribution of temperature over the entire stage surface.

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