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Leica SFL4000 Fluorescence LED Illumination Source

The Leica SFL4000 combines up to 5 different high power LEDs in one illumination device with very convenient touch panel control. Operation is very easy, and comfortable:

No centering of the LED is needed, and plug and play and on-/off-switching without any waiting time is speeding up the workflow. High signal to noise ratio and low bleaching/cell toxicity lead to high quality fluorescence life cell images.

Homogenous and stable light intensity makes this device the optimal tool also for long time experiments.

Leica SFL4000 – five different LED modules provide practically unlimited flexibility.

Key Features

Incident light fluorescence

Incident light fluorescence

Incident light fluorescence with adjustable light intensity provides high signal to noise fluorescence images

Up to 5 selectable LED modules provide highest flexibility in Fluorochome selection

LED lifetime of 10,000 hours

LED lifetime of 10,000 hours – reduces the need for lamp change, maintenance, and additional costs

Easy and flexible

A state of the art touch screen interface makes the control of the illumination easy and flexible.

Independent control

Independent control of all LED modules gives a high degree of flexibility during the experiment

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