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Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) can enlighten you on important information about cellular dynamics. With FRAP capabilities added to the Leica DMi8, you can bleach a defined area selectively and analyze the fluorescence recovery - and this way discover more about the characteristics of molecular interactions. The best thing about it? The systems’ powerful laser capabilities for photobleaching give you additional insight without adding complications to your system. So, what are your advantages?

  • No trouble! You can rely on seamless integration with the Leica DMi8 Infinity Port and dedicated software wizard to make setup and analysis simple
  • Best conditions! You can find the best conditions for your experiment, because the strong laser and flexible choice of bleaching areas gives you powerful capabilites
  • High Speed! You can capture recovery kinetics really fast - and with confidence
Leica WF FRAP Module
Leica WF FRAP Module

Power Through

You can be sure the Leica WF FRAP will accurately and completely bleach your sample, because it features a powerful 1.4 Watt 450 nm laser built into the module. Adjustable laser intensity settings allow you to set the right conditions for photobleaching your target molecules effectively and efficiently.

  • Gentle: You can minimize photostress on cells by using a widefield system
  • Direct: You can add the module via the Infinity Port, giving the most direct access  from the laser to your sample 

Flexibility Defined

Whether you need to bleach a single point or define a larger area of a cell, with 12 different bleaching masks plus a wide range of intensity values and pulse durations to choose from, you have the freedom to define your ideal experiment.

  • Simple: You can define the bleaching area and laser pulse parameters easily utilizing the software wizard in LAS X
  • Effective: You can bleach the molecules of interest only and thereby easily optimize your experiment
  • Flexible: You can vary bleach sizes and laser settings to choose the settings that work best for your experiment

Start Your Engines

Creating your experiment couldn't be easier with the WF FRAP wizard in Leica LAS X Software. With control of  laser power, pulse duration and time course parameters you can find the right conditions to see illuminating results.

  • Define: Set and save bleaching parameters such as bleaching area, laser intensity, and pulse duration
  • Execute: Use Perfect Bleach Synchronisation for optimized data acquisition and the best possible time resolution
  • Analyze: Automated bleach curves are generated for you to work with after every experiment

Flash forward

When fast kinetics need to be tracked, you can rely on the Leica WF FRAP to capture fluorescence recovery instantaneously. Using the Leica WF FRAP with the Leica DMi8 means that you can track even the fastest cellular kinetics with all the benefits of a widefield system.

  • You can make use of high-speed imaging with dedicated cameras
  • You can define pre- and post- bleach timepoints independently and collect only the data you really need 
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