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The Leica XL Stand, modular solution, allows inspection of large samples at high stereoscopic magnifications for applications such as printed circuit boards inspection, forensic toolmark or documentation examination and TFT/LCD inspection. 

The XY stage (optional) has a special ESD matt with snap fastener, which when combined with the large base plate, grounds the system to avoid ESD damage to sensitive electronic components. The XY stage (optional) supports large sample sizes up to 400 X 450mm and the stages 300 X 300mm travel distance handles sample sizes up to 12” X 12” so documents up to A4 can be inspected at one time without repositioning.

XY stage (optional) and universal base plate ground the system to reduce damage to sensitive electronic components.

Key Features

Supports large samples

XL Extension – supports large samples up to 360 mm in depth.

Movement of large samples

Optional XY stage provides 300 x 300 mm travel range – allows movement of large samples up to 12” X 12” such as printed circuit boards.

Sensitive electronic components

Universal base plate with 2 connectors - ground ESD mat to minimize ESD damage to sensitive electronic components.

Fine adjustment

Optional XY Stage: fine adjustment – improves handling at high magnifications due to higher accuracy.