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Excellent Image Quality Matters

The better the image, the better the preconditions for analysis.

  • Enjoy the excellent noise suppression and perfect acquisition of the unprocessed CCD signal
  • The Leica DMC4500 digitizes the image information from the CCD chip directly in the camera head
  • Digitization takes place with a resolution of 14 bits
  • The true-color calibration of the camera provides natural color reproduction, which in turn leads to high-quality images

Plug and Play

Easily connect the Leica DMC4500 with most notebooks and desktop computers via USB 3.0 interface. Simply plug it into a USB 3.0 slot for instant power and connectivity.

No USB 3.0 on your desktop PC? No problem! The Leica DMC4500 comes with a PCI Express card which fits to most desktop computers.

No USB 3.0 on your notebook? No problem either. With minor operation limits, you can use the camera with USB 2.0 interface.

Think Fast. Think Easy. Think USB 3.0


  • Obtain fast live images at up to 18 frames per second at SXGA progressive scan and 9 frames per second in full frame mode
  • Position and focus your samples directly on the computer screen


  • Plug and play – the USB 3.0 interface makes the camera compatible with the computer you have at hand, be it notebook or desktop computer
  • Be up and running in an instant

High-Performance Microscope Software

The Leica Application Suite (LAS) and LAS X integrates Leica microscopes, macroscopes, and digital cameras into one common environment.

With LAS and LAS X you can accelerate visualization and enhancement of digital images, measure, document, and archive your images.


The Leica DMC4500 is compatible with Leica Application Suite (LAS) and LAS X software.

For specific applications, Leica Microsystems offers expert modules like Live Image Builder, to make your daily tasks easier. Contact your local Leica representative to find out which module you can benefit from the most, or get in touch here.

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