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HD Education Microscopy System Leica IMS500 HD

The Leica IMS500 HD Interactive Microscopy System integrates the student into the coursework providing an interactive, stimulating classroom environment.

It is ideal for Industrial training and university and college courses such as biology, anatomy, chemistry, Earth Science and Materials Sciences.

Interactive Microscopy System Leica IMS500 HD

Key Features

Wireless Tablet Control

Wireless Tablet Control

Walk the classroom to give students individual attention while maintaining control of the Image Sharing environment. Also, the Student Icons on the interactive touchscreen can be configured to match the physical layout of the classroom which allows for intuitive navigation.

Advantages Video

Advantages Video

The Leica IMS500 HD platform provides the teacher in a microscopy classroom the ability to share live or stored images from the students microscopes to create an extremely interactive classroom experience.

Interactive Microscopy System Leica IMS500 HD Video

Hardware Based Technology

There is no computer needed for High Definition images and no additional costs for software updates.

No Interference with Local Computer Systems

A local data network is not required. The systems is completely safe.

High Definition Images for Easy Learning

With the high definition camera students easily see specimen details. All stations have the same high image quality as the host display, which guarantees fast and live real time viewing with high resolution images.

Easy Installation, Training and Service

The system is easy to install by "plug and play". The use of the keypad is very intuitive and the system components are easily replaced if neccessary.