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Software Bundle for interactive microscopy class AirTeach

Enter the digital classroom… AirTeach changes the way you teach. It allows you to digitally share microscopy images from various microscope sources. You can even include other digital information like a powerpoint presentation or website content and share it with all your students simultaneously.

The image output to the students’ viewing devices can be easily controlled using AirTeach, so you have everybody on the same page, all the time.

Share knowledge efficiently! Students are more engaged and inspired in an interactive learning environment that makes sharing and comparing of results fun for everyone.

The quantity of mobile device connections and their stability depends on the Wi-Fi traffic and network performance in the environment.
Software Bundle for interactive microscopy class AirTeach

Key Features

Empowering teachers

Empowering teachers

With the AirTeach teachers can

  • see a thumbnail overview with live images of all connected microscopes in class  
  • share up to four images on a large screen projection to allow a comparison 
  • switch on other content with the AirClass sharing function to vary teaching and keep students’ attention
  • walk freely in the room to give students individual attention while controlling the students’ images 
  • annotate a selected image live in front of the whole class watching
Use personal devices and stay connected

Use personal devices and stay connected

Leica AirLab App for easy learning and sharing. 

Capture, measure, annotate and archive microscope images with a mobile device. Even make a video of your sample in HD quality. The Leica AirLab App is free of charge and easy to use for iOS and Android.

PC or MAC – also no problem.

Computer users can use the Leica Imaging software to connect to the camera and work with the images. For PC use Leica Application Suite software, and use Leica Acquire for Mac.