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LAS X 3D Analysis Wizard for Automatic 3D Analysis

3D Interactive Measurements

With the software module Leica Application Suite X (LAS X) 3D Analysis you can measure various aspects of intracellular structures such as volumes of nuclei, their surface, or distances and angles between the nuclei. Individual 3D objects can be measured with the interactive 3D measurement tool. The analysis wizard guides you through the 3D analysis step by step to obtain automated measurement results, from image pre-processing, threshold adjustments, generation of a 3D binary mask, definition of measurement parameters up to the generation of reports. Alternatively, users can apply 3D processing tools in any order. A key element of the processing tools is the 3D image calculator with the ability to operate complex image analysis formulas.

Software module for the analysis and measurement of 3D structures

Key Features

Wizard for Automated 3D Analysis

The 3D Analysis wizard helps you obtain key data from your sample. It guides you through the analysis process and offers a large selection of filters, a segmentation tool with optional automatic threshold determination and binary filters. 3D objects also can be combined or separated manually. Key data to be obtained are volume, filled volume, voxel count, surface area, filled surface area, diameter, many shape and intensity parameters as well as object position plus statistics for all supported features. 

Interactive 3D Measurements

The 3D interactive measurement tool will help you obtain the data you need ranging from volume, surface, distance, and angle to polygon outlines, freehand curves and object count.

Processing Toolbox

In addition to the 3D Analysis wizard, you can take full control over the analysis process: You can apply processing tools in any order to analyze the 3D volume. Process tools include smoothing and morphological filters, segmentation tools, generation of binary mask, and a powerful image calculator. 

3D Image Calculator

The ability to operate complex image analysis formulas makes the 3D image calculator the key element of the processing tools. Features include arithmetic, boolean and transcendental operations.

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