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Leica Map Surface Imaging and Metrology Software

Leica Map Start is the entry level software package of the Leica Map series. It is used for viewing and analyzing surface geometry and surface texture from LAS Montage depthmap images.

Capabilities include 3D visualization of surfaces, characterization of basic surface features and calculation of surface texture parameters.

If you combine Leica Map with the highly intuitive desktop publishing environment, it is the perfect solution for measuring industrial surfaces made by Leica microscopes in laboratories, production facilities and research.

Leica Map User Interface

Key Features

Surface Imaging

Real time surface imaging using LAS Montage extended-focus images for easy detail identification

Metrology Standards and Methods

Surface characterization and analysis for compliance with the latest international metrology standards and methods

Interactive report

Interactive report creation easily customized to the needs of the laboratory

Optimal Usability

Exceptional ease of use and comprehensive online help makes you quickly productive

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