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Benefits when working with the EM FC7 cryochamber

  • Full control integration with the EM UC7 touchscreen control panel
  • Highly stable temperature regulation and low LN2 (liquid nitrogen) consumption
  • Three different cryo-modes available for use: 1) standard, 2) high gas flow, and 3) wet cryo-sectioning
  • Superior viewing angles of the frozen sample material and a patented LED illumination system
  • Electrostatic charge and discharge functions for section adherence with the EM CRION ionizer (optional)
  • Attachable micromanipulator for precise positioning of TEM grids for easy section collection (optional)
  • Direct transfer of sections to TEM or SEM in cryo-conditions via the EM VCT500 (optional)
EM UC7 equiped with EM FC7 Cryochamber
EM UC7 equiped with EM FC7 Cryochamber

Ease of use and outstanding performance

Produce ultra-thin cryo-sections with the tried-and-true quality and precision that you have come to expect from the EM UC7 ultramicrotome. Both vitrified and Tokuyasu frozen samples can easily be processed in the EM FC7 cryochamber via the EM UC7 touch screen control panel. This provides fast access to all parameters needed to produce ultrathin or semi-thin cryo-sections of the highest quality.

Some key control parameters include: section feed, cutting speed, user-defined temperature profiles, lighting options, cryo auto-trim function, and constant monitoring of the LN2 level inside the dewer.

EM FC7 whole setup
EM FC7 whole setup

LED illumination

Patented multiple lighting angles optimally illuminate your cryo-samples during the sectioning process to provide excellent visibility. Therefore, section manipulation and retrieval are performed easily and the risk of section loss is greatly reduced.

This capability, coupled with the eucentric movement of the EM UC7 stereo-microscope carrier, allows for the utmost accuracy during the approach of both glass and diamond knives to the sample block.

User modes for specific requirements

Several easily accessible operation modes are provided to cover the most demanding user requirements.

  • The standard user mode allows easy access to all sectioning parameters needed for the highest quality cryo-applications while conserving LN2 consumption for a highly economical workflow.
  • The high gas-flow mode increases the flow of N2 gas into the chamber to prevent ice buildup at extremely low temperatures, i.e., below –140°C, if required.
  • The wet sectioning mode allows the use of cryoprotectants, such as DMSO, for which the knife edge and specimen are set to a temperature difference of 130°C.

Anti-static, Micromanipulator & EM VCT500

Mounting of cryo-sections onto TEM grids is made easy with the foot-switch controlled EM CRION electrostatic discharge module. You can ensure precise mounting and easy section retrieval of your valuable sample material reliably every time. In combination with the Diatom produced micromanipulator even ribbons of cryo-sectioned material can be collected with confidence. Simple mounting and operation of the micromanipulator allows you to take full control of the section collection process without any risk of errors.

This type of micromanipulator is based on the Diatome micromanipulator and provides great benefit for section collection in conjunction with the Leica EM Crion with charge mode. A ribbon can be easily manipulated and held in place with the use of a guided lash holder. It can be accurately attached onto the grid, which is positioned with a second guided grid holder, using the charge mode of the Leica EM Crion. Due to the rotatable grid holder, the grid can be easily stored in the gird box which is positioned inside the cryo-chamber (FC6 / FC7). Furthermore, a fresh grid can be picked up without taking out the grid holder which provides for continuing the section process.
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