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Leica LED3000 RL Illumination Leica Leica Microsystems

Compact LED Ring Illuminator for Uniform Illumination Leica LED3000 RL

Leica LED3000 series

This movie presents the two LED solutions for routine stereo microscopy. The Leica LED3000 ring light provides extremely bright and homogenous illumination of the field of view, while the near vertical illumination system Leica LED3000 NVI is the better choice for analyzing drill holes or depressions.

Leica LED illumination series

Leica Microsystems offers a wide range of modern LED illumination systems for every kind of incident light application. This range includes flexible LED cold light sources, compact integrated LED illumination stands and also modular LED illumination components for routine and high-performance stereo microscopes. The right choice of illumination is essential for every single application.

Polarized Light

Movie Clip showing the effect of polarized light to avoid Reflections