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Modular Stereo Microscope for Fluorescent Imaging Leica MZ10 F

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  • Comparison of a Greenough versus CMO (common main objective)
    Science Lab Topic: Stereo Microscopy

    Work Efficiently in Developmental Biology and Medical Research with Stereo Microscopy: Rodent and Small Animal Surgery

    This report provides information which can help improve the routine work of scientists and technicians performing studies involving surgery on small animals and rodents, i.e. mice, rats, hamsters…
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  • Science Lab Topic: Stereo Microscopy

    Work More Efficiently in Developmental Biology With Stereo Microscopy: Zebrafish, Medaka, and Xenopus

    Among the aquatic model organisms used in molecular and developmental biology the most prominent are the zebrafish (genus species: Danio rerio), medaka or japanese rice fish (genus species: Oryzias…
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  • Fields of Application

  • Fluorescence Microscopy

    Fluorescence is one of the most commonly used physical phenomena in biological and analytical microscopy for its high sensitivity and high specificity. Fluorescence is a form of luminescence that…
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