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Connect via Ethernet

  • Conveniently control the S9i from any remote PC or Mac through your facilities’ network. You can even use mobile devices to operate the camera wirelessly, if they are connected to your company’s network by Wi-Fi.

Connect via USB

  • For workplaces without network access choose the USB-mode to connect the camera and the software directly with your PC or Mac. 

Connect via HDMI

  • The HDMI mode allows you to view images directly on an HD monitor or capture images directly onto SD card, without a computer.

The S9i is equipped with a 1/2.3" CMOS sensor to deliver, fast and crisp color-images.

Conventional stereo microscopes have two identical beam paths that reveal a spatial impression of the sample. FusionOptics technology takes advantage of a neurological phenomenon: the microscope's left beam path shows an image with great depth of field, while the right beam path shows an image with high resolution. The human brain then effortlessly combines the information from both channels into one image. This results in an image perception with high resolution and a great depth of field at the same time - an unparalleled Leica standard in stereo microscopy.

A microscope with apochromatic corrected optics delivers an image quality that cannot be achieved with conventional optics, mostly referred to as achromats. With S9 microscopes from Leica operators will benefit from flawless images. The fully apochromatically corrected microscope systems deliver images without color fringes over the entire zoom range.

Yes, all S9 microscopes offer click-stop positions at 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x, and 50x magnification. Operators can work fast in recurring tasks using the click-stop settings.

You can do both. With the S9 i and S9 D you can observe your sample through the eyepieces in 3D with the FusionOptics effect, and simultaneously capture an image, or work with the live image on-screen to relax your eyes. The built-in 50:50 split of the beam path allows observation through the eyepieces and digital imaging at the same time.

With its integrated camera the S9 i allows you to instantly share the live microscope image via HD-monitor, PC, and even mobile devices.  This allows you to get a second opinion, discuss images with colleagues, and train new operators easily.

A HDMI-monitor  is recommended for standalone operation in order to display the high resolution images from the 10MP-camera of the S9 i sharply and in high resolution. The S9 i is delivered with a HDMI cable, remote control, SD card, power supply, and Ethernet cable.

Yes you can, the camera can be switched to monochrome mode using Leica software or through the on-screen menu in standalone mode.

SoftwareLAS X 3.0 and higher (Windows 7, Windows 10)
LAS 4.9 and higher (Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1)
LAS Acquire 3.3 and higher (MAC OS X)
LAS EZ 3.3 and higher (Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10)