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Evolved ARveo 8 Digital Visualization Microscope for Neurosurgery

The future of digital surgery is here.


FusionOptics For increased depth of field
and high resolution for the main surgeon
Objective lens Apochromatic
Magnification 6:1 zoom, motorized optional magnification multiplier
Objective / working distance 225–600 mm, motorized multifocal lens, continuously adjustable with manual adjustment option
Eyepieces Wide-field eyepieces for persons wearing glasses
Observation Full stereo view for main surgeon and opposite assistant, semi stereo view for two side assistants
Integrated 360° rotatable adapter For main surgeon and opposite assistant binoculars
SpeedSpot Laser focusing aid for fast and exact positioning of the microscope
Illumination Two 400-Watt Xenon arc-lamp systems with independent power supply
Light transmission via fiber optics cable
Continuously variable illumination field diameter
Continuously adjustable brightness at constant color temperature
Automatic activation of second illumination
AutoIris Built-in automatic, zoom-synchronized illumination field diameter, with manual override and reset feature
BrightCare Plus Safety function through working distance- dependent limitation of the brightness, controlled by built-in luxmeter


Robotic function Motorized XY movement
  Externally controllable (optional)
Control Programmable handles
Balancing Automatic balancing of stand and optics
Balancing Automatic balancing of stand and optics
Automatic intraoperative balancing
Manual fine balancing
Microscope carrier “Advanced Movement” system for balancing six axes and vibration damping technology
Carrier for monitor Flexible arm with four axis for rotation and inclination


GLOW800 augmented reality fluorescence Fluorescence excitation 790 nm
Fluorescence signal 835 nm
Two 1/1.2" high sensitivity HD Cameras for white light imaging
Two 1/1.2" high sensitivity HD cameras for fluorescence imaging (NIR)
2D and 3D visualization
GLOW400 augmented reality fluorescence Fluorescence excitation: Peak of ~380 – ~430 nm (blue)
Fluorescence signal ≥ 444 nm
Four 1/1.2" high sensitivity HD Cameras for fluorescence imaging (two for each channel)
2D and 3D visualization
FL400 fluorescence FL400 blue light fluorescence module
FL560 fluorescence FL560 fluorescence module
2D/3D video options 4K HD 27-inch monitor
4K 3D 31-inch monitor on microscope
4K 3D optional 55-inch monitor cart system
Integrated auto focus
3 digital zoom levels
integrated 4K upscaling software via HDSDI- connector
MyVeo All-in-one surgical visualization headset compatible with the ARveo 8 surgical microscope
High resolution displays (Full HD) for each eye
For up to 3 viewers simultaneously, individual control of image orientation and brightness
Cable connection of 5.2 meters between the MyVeo user and the MyVeo hub-box on the microscope
OpenArchitecture* Easy integration of IGS systems and video system feeds from Karl Storz
Leica Recording System Fully integrated 2D and/or 3D recording
DICOM/PACS integration
Universal drape air removal with SMARS* One-button drape air removal system
Compatible with surgical microscope drapes
Additional controls Mouthswitch to activate multi-directional movement
12-function wireless footswitch
Cyber Security MDS2 Medical Device Security
comply with international standard such as ANSI/UL


Power connection ARveo 8 Protection class 1300 VA 50/60 Hz
100 V - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Class 1"
Two 1/2” high sensitivity HD camera for NIR
2D and 3D visualization
Materials Entire solid metal construction coated with a paint which is designed to provide an antimicrobial effect on surfaces
Load Swing arm: min. 6.7 kg, max. 12.2 kg from microscope dovetail ring interface
Monitor arm: max. 16kg"
Weight Approx. 320 kg without load
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