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Leica FL400 Surgical Microscopes Leica Leica Microsystems

Enhanced visualization aids tissue differentiation

Distinguish tissue that has accumulated fluorophores from tissue that hasn’t, with high contrast and in real time with the FL400 module.

FL400 Intended Use

The FL400 is a surgical microscope accessory for viewing fluorescence of fluorophores, comprising:

  • An excitation filter for blue spectral range between 380nm and 430nm (Blue)
  • An observation filter covering the longwave blue, green, yellow and red spectrum in the spectral band ≥ 444 nm.

Easy handling for interruption-free work

Quickly and easily switch from white light to blue light fluorescence mode and back, or between fluorescence modes, for an interruption-free workflow.

As the FL400 module is fully integrated into your microscope, changing observation modes requires only the click of a button on the handgrip or footswitch.

HD and 3D viewing and documentation

Share the view with your team and record with ease, in high definition or 3D (optional).

  • HD or 3D display of the microscope monitor enables viewing by the whole team in the operating room
  • HD or 3D recording technology is ideal for documentation, presentation and teaching of complex cases
  • Mode Control technology provides custom, automatically-activated video and recording settings that are optimized for normal (white light) and FL400 modes

Flexible fluorescence observation

Benefit from flexible observation of different fluorophores. Neurosurgery microscopes from Leica Microsystems enable seamless integration of different fluorescence filters.


M530 microscopes were the first to feature TriFluoro technology, enabling up to three modes of integrated fluorescence (FL400, FL560, FL800) in a single microscope.

Easy Upgrades

FL400 can be upgraded onto existing Leica microscopes, so you can add new capabilities and expand your service offering without having to purchase a new microscope.*

*Available configurations vary by country. Please check with your local Leica Microsystems representative for product availability and registration status in your country.