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The Cost-Efficient Aid to Determine Astigmatism Leica Keratoscope

The Leica Keratoscope is a ring illuminator used intraoperatively to qualitatively evaluate the corneal curvature of the eye for astigmatism.

The LED light is projected onto the cornea and its reflection viewed through the microscope. The device is easily mounted onto the Leica M800 series microscopes and operated under sterile conditions. 

With the Leica Keratoscope the surgeon now has a cost-effective, integrated instrument to help assess the shape of the anterior surface of the cornea. This will aid him or her in making limbal relaxing incisions (LRIS) and positioning Toric IOLs.

Please check with your local Leica Microsystems representative for availability/product registration status and microscope compatibility information.
Leica Keratoscope is used intraoperatively to evaluate astigmatism

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