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Surgical microscope on tabletop stand for the practice of microsurgery Leica M651 MSD

The tabletop model Leica M651 MSD offers beginners ideal conditions for practicing microsurgical techniques.

The Leica M651 MSD, known for its peak performance in image definition, depth of field range, stereopsis, light intensity and color rendering, offers prospective surgeons ideal conditions to perfect their own hand movements in a magnified image, learn how to differentiate between minuscle features and use the finest surgical thread available.

The Leica M651 MSD tabletop surgical microscope for the practice of microsurgery.

Key Features

Direct halogen illumination

Direct halogen illumination ensures accurate color of anatomy illumination and longer bulb life since there is no loss of light on the fiber optic cable, resulting in cost savings.

High flexibility for surgeons

High flexibility for surgeons in the use of accessories and positioning of the microscope for various procedures and applications in multiple disciplines.

Ergonomic placement

Ergonomic placement of the adjustment levers for magnification and fine focus reduces the chance of inadvertent manipulation by the surgeon.