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Manual surgical microscope for microsurgical procedures Leica M651

The Leica M651 is known for its peak performance in image definition, depth of field range, stereopsis, light intensity and color rendering.

The Leica M651 can also be used for various technical, industrial, and research applications.

The brilliant Leica optics combined with an easy-to-handle and stable floor stand, support work in all of these fields and offers an outstanding price performance ratio.

The Leica M651 manual surgical microscope for microsurgical procedures.

Key Features

Full 360° of movement

Precise, fine adjustment of the microscope due to the tiltable joint and microscope carrier which provides full 360° of movement and allows accurate positioning in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

Ergonomic viewing

Ergonomic viewing due to a large choice of binocular tubes allows a comfortable posture for the surgeon in any of the wide variety of instrument positions.

Five-step magnification changer

Five-step magnification changer, with steps for 6x, 10x, 1x, 25x, and 40x magnification, results in greater flexibility for the surgeon in a variety of applications.