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Leica M820 F40 / F20 High performance ophthalmic microscope

Archived Product
Replaced by M822

Double beam stereo illumination

The original double beam stereo illumination creates:

True three-dimensional vision,Increased depth of field perception,Better Red Reflex stability during cataract surgery.

Features, which optimize the surgical workflow

Leica Wireless Footswitch (WFS)Two-in-One DisplayStepCycle: For a quick switch between over view and inner eye view during vitrectomyAuto Reset: all microscope functions automatically reset to…

Cordless convenience

In the operating room, wireless control of a surgical microscope provides:

Convenience: maximum mobility for a fast and easy switch between left and right eye procedures, and there is no need to…

Two-in-One display

The touch panel offers intuitive control of all microscope functions. With one touch of a button the control unit’s display becomes the microscope control, and real-time video monitor.

Temporal approach cataract surgery

The Leica Rotatable Beamsplitter enables the assistant to easily and quickly change side-to-side:

Save time between casesUltimate versatility in the operating roomNo parts to remove, drop, or damage


Leica Slit Lamp

The Leica intraoperative precision surgical slit lamp provides the precise visualization needed, in particular for membrane peeling cases. Save time in preparation and during surgery with:

Slit beam…

Integration of retinal accessories

The Leica M820 fully integrates the most commonly used wide-angle observation systems or stereo image inverters such as the Oculus SDI/BIOM. The surgeon can operate these vitreo-retinal…

Work in comfort

Leica Microsystems offers the widest choice of binoculars for perfect working ergonomics and viewing:

5°-25° binocularbinocular inclined0°-180° binocular30°-150° binocular10°-50° UltraLow II…

Option: Leica F40 floor stand

The Leica M820 F40 floor stand offers:

Electromagnetic brakesOptional: Integrated, compact Med X Change HDMD™ All-in-One high-definition digital recording system including a 19'' flatscreen, 16:9…

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