A new way of working

Choose to operate in a heads-up manner looking directly at the large 3D screen and experience a revolutionary new way of working.

  • A high-definition screen delivers excellent depth perception and a large field of view
  • Minute anatomical details are visualized at on a much larger scale
  • Surgery becomes an even more immersive experience

Be a pioneer and try heads-up surgery for yourself!

One view for all

Everyone in the OR can now share a real-time three-dimensional view  of the surgical field, engaging the entire team visually in the procedure. This facilitates communication and supports workflow.

One team, one view to improve workflow and create synergies. 

Enhanced ergonomics

Position the 3D HD monitor so you can work in a comfortable upright position. Such a posture naturally reduces back and neck stress and pain which can have a compounding effect  over the course of years in the OR. You can remain fully focused on achieving optimal clinical outcomes.

Achieve an upright posture for comfort today and tomorrow. 

Engaging education

By simply looking at the 3D HD screen, residents can now experience depth perception comparable to looking through the eyepieces.

  • Studies show that 3D visualization improves understanding, engagement and knowledge retention*
  • Learning becomes more immersive

Share your expertise with peers by recording entire cases in 3D and presenting at seminars or online

  • Edit your recordings quickly and easily with TrueEdit proprietary video editing software
  • Choose from multiple media formats

Teach and share with TrueVision 3D.

* 2010 Texas Instruments educational study

Your platform for the future

Leica Microsystems' modular design concept with OpenArchitecture allows for easy upgrades and integration of digital imaging and data systems.

Upgrade at any time and ensure you stay at the forefront of advances in surgical guidance.

Support your view with digital data.

Configurations to fit your OR

TrueVision 3D Visualization is available for the M822, M844, and Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscopes in configurations to meet the needs of your OR.

Save space with the integrated package or opt for more flexibility with the stand-alone cart system.

Choose the future with heads-up surgery.

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