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THUNDER Imager Tissue

Decode 3D biology in real time*


THUNDER Imager Tissue

Brilliant imaging of single planes and fast overviews

THUNDER Imager 3D Tissue

Fully automated tissue imaging system for recording multi-color 3D images
Microscope Platform DM4 B DM6 B
Display/Touch screen Display shows all microscope settings at a glance SmartTouch controls the microscope conveniently and intuitively
Focus Mechanical Motorized
Stage Motorized with integrated controller, mechanical (optional) Motorized or scanning stages
LAS X Navigator Software Yes (optional) Yes
Transmitted Light Illumination LED LED
Transmitted Light Contrast Methods BF, optional PH, DF, POL, DIC BF, optional PH, DF, POL, DIC
Fluorescence Axis Fully automated Fully automated, with Internal Filter Wheel (IFW) and Excitation Manager
Fluorescence Illumination EL6000 (metal halide), LED LED, EL6000 (optional)
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