Anja Schué , Dipl. oec.-troph.

Anja Schué

Anja Schué studied Nutrition Science at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen, Germany. After a traineeship at a medical specialist publisher, she worked for different other specialist publishers. Simultaneously, she absolved an additional training at the Academy for Marketing Communication in Frankfurt/Main, with the degree “Certified Communication Expert”. Afterwards, she worked for an advertising agency for several years, where she was responsible for the support of technological companies also guiding a couple of Initial Public Offerings. After other stations, such as the Communication Department of the Deutsche Bahn, Anja Schué worked for the Global Marketing & Communications Department of Leica Microsystems from 2006 to 2017. In her role a Manager Scientific PR she was responsible for public relations, the global social media channels, and the Science Lab.

Stereo microscopes are often considered the workhorses of laboratories and production sites.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Stereo Microscope

This article explains key factors that help users determine which stereo microscope solution can best meet their needs, depending on the application.
The principle of the FusionOptics technology:  Of the two separate beam paths (1), one provides depth of field (2) and the other high resolution (3). In the brain, the two images of the sample are merged into a single, optimal 3D image (4).

What is the FusionOptics Technology?

Leica stereo microscopes with FusionOptics provide optimal 3D perception. The brain merges two images, one with large depth of field and the other with high resolution, into one 3D image.
An ID card which has been tampered with by counterfeiters who inserted a hologram.

Is that Document Genuine or Fake? How do They Identify Fake Documents?

This article shows how forensic experts use microscopy for analysis to identify counterfeit, fake documents, such as ID cards, passports, visas, certificates, etc. Then they know if it is genuine or…
Cochlea implant. Illustration: © MED-EL.

Cochlea Implants for Deaf and Severely Hard of Hearing

People who can’t hear are outsiders, cut off from normal conversation. Children born into a silent world never learn to talk. Adults who lose their hearing due to age, accident or illness are no…

Just What the Surgeon Wants

We’ve all experienced an everyday product at some time that had great technology and a stylish design but was totally impractical to use. A designer coffee pot that spills its contents all round the…

Seeing Without a Haze – Trends in Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery has been practised for centuries and is one of the most common operations performed worldwide today. Ultra modern surgical techniques with tiny incisions and high-quality prosthetic…

Beware of "Empty" Magnification

This article explains how to avoid the phenomen of "empty magnification" in microscopy.
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