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Hajira Amla

Hajira Amla

Hajira holds a CIPR Professional PR Diploma with two decades of experience in journalism, public relations and technical content creation. She has worked for publishers and agencies in the UK, South Africa and the Seychelles, providing writing and editing services, as well as consultancy on inbound marketing, technical content creation and media relations.

Transverse histological cut of a rabbit tongue. 50 Mpixels images (2326 µm x 1739 µm) in 14 x 18 tiles. Lifetime gives an additional contrast that allows to differentiate different structures in histological stainings.

A Guide to Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)

The fluorescence lifetime is a measure of how long a fluorophore remains on average in its excited state before returning to the ground state by emitting a fluorescence photon.
Raw widefield (left) and THUNDER (right) image of Ewing Sarcoma cells (SK-ES-1).

Visualizing the Mitotic Spindle in Cancer Cells

This article demonstrates how this research is aided by visualizing more details of mitotic spindles in Ewing Sarcoma cells using the THUNDER Imager Tissue and Large Volume Computational Clearing…
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