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Kathryn McLaughlin , PhD

Kathryn McLaughlin

Katy studied Genetics at The University of Glasgow, UK before moving to The University of Edinburgh, UK to carry out her PhD research at the MRC Human Genetics Unit. Her PhD involved carrying out extensive imaging experiments to investigate the interplay between epigenetics, chromatin structure, and pluripotency in mouse embryonic stem cells. Following her PhD, Katy secured a post-doctoral position at the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology, also at the University of Edinburgh. Here, she continued her research and explored the consequences of impaired epigenetics on development and chromatin architecture. Currently, she is a freelance science writer working with various life science companies to create digital content.

Influenca in lung epithelial cells (porcine) - THUNDER Imager 3D Cell Culture Influenca virus – red, cilia – green, Nuclei – blue.

How Can Immunofluorescence Aid Virology Research?

Modern virology research has become as crucial now as ever before due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. There are many powerful technologies and assays that virologists can apply to their research into…
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