Markus Rochowicz , Dr.-Ing.

Markus Rochowicz

Markus Rochowicz works in the field of cleanliness technology. As the group manager of this field of work, he supervises a team of 15 scientists and coordinates the strategies of the topics precision cleaning technologies, component surface cleanliness, cleanroom optimization, equipment design and cleanliness certification.

Professional career

  • 2008: Manager of the group "Contamination Control"
  • 2000: key technology speaker »micro system technology«
  • 1996: Scientist at Fraunhofer Institute Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Department Ultraclean Technology and Micromanufacturing
  • 1996: Completed the study of physics at University of Stuttgart

Special competencies

  • Cleanliness technology: personnel behaviour and cleanliness validation (focus on automotive industry)
  • Cleanliness in assembly
  • Assessment and selection of precision cleaning technologies
  • Particle measurement and detection technologies
Electric car - generic 3d rendering

Technical Cleanliness in the Automotive Industry for Electromobility

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