Nicolas Mouchet , Ph.D.

Nicolas Mouchet has been co-manager of the HistoPathology facility (H2P2) at the University of Rennes since 2019. He completed his engineering degree in 2006 where he gained experience in molecular genetics and sample preparation for RNA expression analysis. During his PhD and post-doctoral studies he was trained on cancer research bioinformatic analysis, and used microscopy to study the effects of UV on human and mouse skin as well as the paradoxical effects of targeted therapy in skin cancer. In 2017 he completed a Masters degree in Computer Science to better support the evolving cross-disciplinary nature of scientific studies.

Colon adenocarcinoma with 13 biomarkers shown

Hyperplex Cancer Tissue Analysis at Single Cell Level with Cell DIVE

The ability to study how lymphoma cell heterogeneity is influenced by the cells’ response to their microenvironment, especially at the mutational, transcriptomic, and protein levels. Protein…
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