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Stefanie Degenhartt , Dr.

Stefanie Degenhartt

Stefanie Degenhartt finished a apprenticeship as biological technical assistant before studying molecular biology in Heidelberg. She acquired her Ph.D. at the Institute for Forensic Medicine in Heidelberg. After several years of working as a freelancer in the field of consulting, she joined Leica Microsystems in 2006 where she first was part of the support team. As a Product Manager, Stefanie Degenhartt was responsible for Leica TCS SP8 CARS, Leica HCS A, TCS SPE, TCS LSI and Periphery for Confocal Systems.

An Introduction to CARS Microscopy

CARS overcomes the drawbacks of conventional staining methods by the intrinsic characteristics of the method. CARS does not require labeling because it is highly specific to molecular compounds which…
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