Examining Critical Developmental Events in High-Definition

Learn how to use AI to extend live cell imaging in embryo development

Single timepoint of a drosophilia embryo, 3D object detection Drosophila_Embryo_3D_Object_Detection_Color_by_Measure.jpg

Extended live cell imaging of embryo development requires a delicate balance between light exposure, temporal resolution and spatial resolution to maintain cells’ viability. Compromises between the three factors are needed to achieve the optimal analysis outcome and to unlock greater insights from your imaging data. In this workshop, the Aivia team will demonstrate how AI can help you extend live cell imaging in embryo development.

Image: Single timepoint of a drosophilia embryo, 3D object detection

Speaker: Hoyin Lai

Hoyin Lai is the Content Marketing Manager and Senior Applications Specialist for Aivia at Leica Microsystems. He studied Bioengineering at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, where he designed a single-stroke peristaltic pump for fluid delivery in microfluidic devices. He joined the Aivia team in 2010 as Application Engineer. Since launching Aivia in 2017, Hoyin is focused on applying artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to develop image analysis solutions for life science researchers; and creating technical marketing contents.  

Key Learnings

Researchers dealing with sample integrity challenges in developmental research can benefit from automated workflows that streamline image analysis.

  • Examine critical developmental events in high-definition with minimal sample damage
  • Sidestep light exposure and resolution limits to prolong time lapse imaging
  • Deploy smart segmentation to easily detect objects

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