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Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG), Dresden, Germany

Electroporated nerve cells (green), specific neuronal markers (magenta) and cell nuclei (white), computational cleared.

Into the Third Dimension with "Wow Effect"- Observe Cells in 3D and Real-Time

Life is fast, especially for a cell. As a rule, cells should be examined under physiological conditions which are as close as possible to their natural environment. New technologies offer tremendous…
Lung organoid taken at the "liquid-air interface" with a THUNDER Imager 3D Cell Culture. The cells originate from transgenic mice, so that the different fluorescence represents the degree of differentiation of the respective cell (superposition). The image acquisition was performed on day 21 after the start of the culture. Reference: P. Kanrai, MPI-HLR Bad Nauheim.

Observing 3D Cell Cultures During Development

3D cell cultures, such as organoids and spheroids, give insights into cells and their interactions with their microenvironment. These 3D cell cultures are playing an increasingly important role for…
Drosophila embryo observed from different sides. Images were acquired in the framework of the 2018 EMBO Lightsheet Course at MPI CBG in Dresden with expert support of Bruno Cossermelli Vellutini (MPI CBG), Pavel Tomancak (MPI CBG), and Emmanuel Reynaud (UCD).

Using a Rotation Device for Light Sheet Sample Mounting

The TCS SP8 DLS from Leica Microsystems is an innovative concept to integrate the Light Sheet Microscopy technology into the confocal microscope. Due to its unique optical architecture samples can be…
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