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University Vita Salute San Raffaele, Dental School, Milano, Italy

In the last decade, the San Raffaele dentistry team has been amongst the pioneers in translational research (the clinical application of research) in Dentistry, establishing the first research teams working on the molecular biology of human cells in contact with bone-replacement biomaterials, and comparing the findings of these studies with the current techniques for jawbone volume enhancement techniques, in order to develop mini-invasive surgical techniques.

Source: (11/16/2023)

From Dentistry to Micro-dentistry

Endodontics expert Fabio Gorni shares his vast experience in micro-dentistry and provides answers to questions of the webinar participants at the end of the recording. This webinar allows you to…
Utilizing a dental microscope in endodontic surgery. Image courtesy of Dr. Fabio Gorni.

How Dental Microscopes Optimize Visualization in Endodontic Surgery

The clinical videos from Dr. Gorni demonstrate the benefits of dental microscope use for micro-dentistry, optimizing visualization to enhance prevision and minimize damage for successful endodontic…
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