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Application Booklet for EM TIC 3X

Today, ion beam milling is one of the most widely-used methods for preparing samples for electron microscopy.

Product image EM TIC 3X Leica-EM-TIC3x-IonBeam-Milling.jpg

During this process, the sample material is bombarded with a high-energy argon-ion beam to achieve high quality cross-sections and planed surfaces whilst minimizing deformation or damage. One can clean, polish or adjust the contrast of these surfaces to optimise them for subsequent imaging in the scanning electron microscope. The booklet is available in English or in German.

Download this 76-pages booklet today and learn how to improve your processes. 

In this booklet you can find information about how ion beam milling can help you to:

  • Generate cross sectional sample preparation for different materials (semiconductor, metal, stones, paper/wood materials and thermally sensitive samples) 
  • Clean sample surfaces and set contrast enhancement 
  • Process large sample surfaces 
  • Prepare samples for EBSD

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