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Multicolor 4D Super Resolution Light Sheet Microscopy

A video presentation from Yuxuan Zhao at the AI microscopy symposium

Dual color volume rendering of Drp1 oligomers (green) and mito OM (red) in a live U2OS cell Dual_color_volume_rendering_in_a_live_U2OS_cell.jpg

The AI Microscopy Symposium offers a unique forum for discussing the latest AI-based technologies and tools in the field of microscopy and biomedical imaging. In this scientific presentation, Yuxuan Zhao demonstrates how 3D imaging of organelles within live cells can be improved using a progressive deep learning strategy combined with a dual-ring-modulated SPIM design.

Image: Dual color volume rendering of Drp1 oligomers (green) and mito OM (red) in a live U2OS cell. Imaged using the Fei lab’s IDDR-SPIM design.

What to expect in the webinar

Key Learnings

  • Intracellular organelle dynamics within live cells can be observed using with a progressive deep-learning super resolution strategy coupled with a dual-ring-modulated SPIM design (IDDR-SPIM)
  • Using IDDR-SPIM the interaction with between the mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum can be observed in 3D
  • The movement of Drp1 oligomers within the mitochondria can also be studied using IDDR-SPIM

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