Observing Complex Cellular Interactions at Multiple Scales

Learn how to use automated workflows to identify interactions between cells and organelles

Single timepoint of a time-lapse recording of mammary epithelial micro spheroid cultured in 3D highlighting individual mitotic events Cellular_Interactions_-_Hero_Aivia_Visual_teaser.jpg

Cellular interactions are challenging to observe without easy to deploy object detection and relationship measurements. In this workshop, the Aivia team will highlight an automated workflow to help researchers overcome these challenges.

Speaker: Quyen Tran, Ph.D.

Quyen Tran, Ph.D. is the Application and Marketing Manager for Aivia at Leica Microsystems. She completed her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison where she examined stem cell behavior in 3D protein-based constructs fabricated using multiphoton microscopy. Quyen has worked with Aivia since its launch and is currently focused on supporting the sales and product development team in providing customer-focused image analysis solutions. Quyen also brings her perspective as a user and Aivia expert to create and manage the Aivia marketing plan.

Key Learnings

Researchers dealing with observation challenges in cell biology research can benefit from automated workflows that streamline image analysis.

  • Detect whole cells, their nuclei, and up to five compartments
  • Expand this flexible workflow to larger scales such as tissue and organ level analysis
  • Identify interactions between cells and organelles

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