Printed Circuit Board (PCB) & Electronics Manufacturing

Whether you are a device manufacturer or supplier, Leica Microsystems can provide you with PCB inspection microscopes and imaging solutions that meet your requirements. We want to help you achieve fast and accurate inspection, rework, analysis, and assembly for your PCB and electronics manufacturing tasks. 

To show compliance with the defined specifications, reliable documentation is always a must. You may also require imaging solutions that can assist with the development of new PCBs and components. Leica Microsystems’ solutions can help you address these needs. 

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More efficient inspection

Efficiency and productivity during PCB inspection can be improved by reducing repetitive tasks, such as frequent adjustments of imaging settings or moving of the PCB. 

You can achieve faster inspection with imaging solutions that  enable you to see a larger overview of the PCB and then easily zoom in on a region of interest. Our PCB inspection microscopes can deliver these advantages.

Stereo Microscope without FusionOptics

S9 Series Microscopes with FusionOptics

Image simulation, showing a printed circuit board sample without and with the FusionOptics effect, perceived when looking through the oculars.

Less imaging adjustments during inspection

You can inspect PCBs more rapidly with a stereo microscope providing images with a large depth of field and better resolution compared to other conventional stereo microscopes. 

Adjustments of the stereo microscope optics during PCB inspection can be minimized with the FusionOptics technology from Leica Microsystems.  

FusionOptics technology overcomes optical limitations by using the two stereo microscope beam paths for different tasks:

  • The right beam path delivers a high-resolution image at the largest possible numerical aperture
  • The left beam path delivers an image with high depth of field

The result: You perceive an image with high resolution and a great depth of field at the same time.

See more detail in less time

Visualizing difficult-to-image PCB components or regions in a more straightforward way helps you to achieve quick and precise PCB inspection.

Soldering, through holes, and components all have a critical effect on the PCB performance and must be checked. Leica imaging solutions can help you achieve faster inspection of PCB features and components due to versatile illumination and high-performance optics. Illumination options which provide optimal contrast offer significant advantages as they influence the level of detail observed. 


See the difference with high-quality optics

For efficient PCB inspection and rework, top-performing optics producing distortion-free images make a big difference. Leica Microsystems has designed and produced award-winning optics used in its imaging solutions. They enable you to visualize PCBs with optimal contrast and resolution. 

Our optical designers and engineers design optics that enable you to visualize PCBs with optimal contrast and resolution. More details: Leica objective lenses and optics.

Fast analysis and documentation of results

Manufacturers and suppliers in the electronics industry devote a lot of effort to inspection and quality control of PCBs to eliminate deviations from specifications. 

You can save time when inspecting and documenting for PCB production and electronics failure analysis using an inspection microscope with camera. The Leica solutions offer intuitive imaging software and encoded microscope components. 

For new PCBs, there is often a need to optimize performance and production. A large database of documented results to reference quickly becomes invaluable.

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