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Material Sciences Education Microscopes

Teaching materials science involves a lot of knowledge on a variety of materials such as carbon, polymers, metals, glass, and ceramics.

Your lessons help students characterize and analyze materials for their properties, purity, and possible use in engineering, using a variety of optics, contrasting methods such as brightfield, polarized light, or oblique illumination, and software in the process.

Discover the properties of materials.

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Our microscopes help students learn to

  • Look at surfaces of materials
  • Look at cross-sections of a given sample
  • Describe material characteristics

Begin, Explore, Advance

Begin with the Leica EZ4 or Leica DM750 M

Explore with the Leica EZ4 W, Leica EZ4 E or Leica DM750 M

Advance with the Leica EZ4 W, Leica EZ4 E or Leica DM750 M

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Leica DM750 M

Leica DM750 M

Binocular materials microscope for education, basic metallography, and forensics education