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Medical Device Manufacturing

Reliable image capture and analysis for your RA/QA documentation: With digital microscope solutions from Leica you can rely on what you see when documenting for medical device production or development.

Be confident in the image results: Digital microscopes deliver trustworthy image data ensuring that what you see is what it is. Experience real-time, high quality digital imaging with a 10 MP camera and a rate up to 37 frames per second, combined with intelligent software functions and encoded system parameters. Identify, validate, and document quickly to help fulfill the compliance and safety requirements for your products and components.

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Medical Device Products 10

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Microscope camera with ethernet connection and 10 MP resolution

Leica IC90 E

Integrated camera for stereo microscope with ethernet connection and 10 MP resolution

XY stage (optional) and universal base plate ground the system to reduce damage to sensitive electronic components.

Leica XL Stand

Modular stand allows inspection of large samples at high stereoscopic magnifications

Document with less effort for RA/QA compliance

A proficient documentation workflow can also help you to adapt and comply more easily with RA/QA requirements. They are becoming ever stricter for  medical device and instrument manufacturing. Leica imaging solutions allow you to obtain reliable, reproducible results handily, giving you peace of mind during documentation.

Report generation with Leica software

As an example, measurements on images of bone screws and a fixation plate have been made with the software Leica Application Suite (LAS) X. A report of the results can be quickly generated for documentation with one click using a customizable template.

For more details on measuring and documenting with LAS X, refer to our report Inspecting and Analyzing Printed Circuit Boards Quickly and Reliably with a Digital Microscope.

Be confident in the image data, perform reliable inspection

Our imaging systems use award-winning optics and high resolution digital cameras, so they produce distortion free images.

Such image data is a big advantage for reliable and efficient documentation necessary for medical device and instrumentation manufacturing.

Generally, optics can have these types of aberration which require correction:

  • monochromatic (independent of the light’s wavelength [color]), such as astigmatism, coma, and field curvature
  • chromatic (dependent on the light’s wavelength).

Our planapochromatically corrected optics are of the highest class providing flawless images. In addition, Leica digital microscope cameras use sensors with up to 10 megapixels and a live image recording rate of up to 37 frames per second.

For more details, refer to Leica objective lenses and optics.


EMBL and Leica Microsystems jointly drive imaging by Open Innovation

Collaborative development of new imaging technologies guided by applications in life science

Ensure steel quality with the new LAS X Steel Expert software

Rate non-metallic inclusions rapidly and reliably

Nature Methods Article: New Concept for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM)

SP8 FALCON confocal platform enables video-rate FLIM

Leica Microsystems and Struers Ltd. Partner Up in the UK

Offering High-Performance Solutions for Industrial and Material Applications

EnFocus OCT fully integrated into the Proveo 8 microscope

Focus on Perfection: Overcome uncertainties during complex ophthalmic procedures

End-of-life of Microsoft Windows 7

Upgrade your Confocal Control Workstation. Speak to your Service Engineer or contact our support team to discuss the best option for your confocal...

Wound healing with PAULA

How can PAULA help streamline the workflow for my wound healing assay?

Application for wound healing assays

LMD Software

New LMD Software 8.2.1 for Laser Microdissection

Leica Microsystems has now released version 8.2.1 of the LMS software for Laser Microdissection microscopes. Laser Microdissection is used to dissect...

Dr. Thomas Schäfer and Markus Lusser

For 170 years, Leica has helped shape the future

Leitz and Leica are world-renowned brands. Digital innovations enable new insights for research, medical, and industrial applications

MDCK cells, Phase Contrast, red outlines are marking the cell borders. Courtesy of Prof. Ralf Jacob, University of Marburg, Germany

Confluency Check with PAULA Cell Imager

Monitor your cell culture around the clock with PAULA and know the perfect time-point for your experiment

Leica Microsystems and University Mainz cooperate for a Microscopy Reference Center

New center with focus on innovation for light microscopy is located at University Medical Center in Mainz, Germany

Free Booklet: EM Sample Preparation Workflow Solutions for Life Science

Find out how Leica supports your workflow and learn about other similar workflows. This publication provides a collection of most frequently used...

Leica FL400

FDA Clears Blue Light Fluorescence Solution FL400 for Cerebral Tumor Surgery

Leica Microsystems is the first company to receive FDA DeNovo clearance for a blue light fluorescence filter for oncology

SP8 LIGHTNING confocal microscope

Next generation confocal platform for super-resolution live cell imaging in multicolor

Detailed observations of fast biological processes with the SP8 LIGHTNING

Save time for 2D and 3D analysis

LAS, a streamlined software user interface for the DVM6 digital microscope

Cleanliness Expert software - New user interface

Easy to use and fast to adapt. Learn about the new user interface for the Cleanliness Expert software. You will see that this software interface is...

How digitization changes the microscopy market

Almost all fields of technology have either undergone digitization or are on the cusp of it. Microscopy is no exception. The microscopy market is...

Rate the quality of your steel in an accurate and reliable way

Summary of the Science Lab Webinar „Rate the Quality of Your Steel“

UC San Diego and Leica Microsystems Establish Center of Excellence in Microscopy

The new Center will support a combined mission to educate the next generation of scientists and drive new scientific discoveries

Winners of the Human Protein Atlas Image Classification Announced

Kaggle Competition Prize Money Sponsored by Leica Microsystems

New Leica imagers set to transform visualization of 3D samples

THUNDER imager family enables users to decode 3D biology in real-time*

Leica Microsystems Receives Prestigious R&D 100 Award

With SP8 FALCON, Leica Microsystems combines confocal and Fluorescence Lifetime IMaging (FLIM) capabilities optimizing the understanding of the sub...

DVM6 Digital Microscope: Everything in Focus, Everything Under Control

The days of having to hold your head in a low, awkward position and strain while doing microscopy seem to be over - at least with the DVM6. This...

DM8000 + DM12000 Microscope: Not only clean, but pure!

When it comes to the optical inspection of electronic components - wafers, for example - every detail counts. It is silly only when an artifact inside...

Immersive 3D experience for neurosurgery with ARveo

Leica Microsystems enables surgeons to further augment their reality with 3D heads-up visualization

Choose the right digital microscope for your purposes

Summary of the Science Lab Webinar "Get the Most Out of Digital Microscopy"

New distribution partnership for ophthalmic microscopes

Leica Microsystems and Polytech Domilens, a full-service ophthalmic provider, intensify their sales partnership in Germany for Leica surgical...

New Kaggle Competition: Deep Learning Analysis of Confocal Images

Human Protein Atlas 2018 Image Challenge Sponsored by Leica Microsystems: Determine Protein Localization in Cells

See more, Simply in Microsurgery

Leica introduces the new PROvido multidisciplinary microsurgery microscope

FDA Clears Augmented Reality Visualization Solution GLOW800

Leica Microsystems receives FDA’s 510(k) clearance for Augmented Reality GLOW800 Vascular Fluorescence

Leica Microsystems Opens First Ever Imaging Center in San Francisco

Oyster Point Marina is now home to a cutting-edge life science research imaging center, offering access to state-of-the-art microscopy systems for...

New Partnership: Triolab AS appointed exclusive Leica Microsystems partner in Denmark

Triolab AS has signed an agreement with Leica Microsystems to supply and support its products related to Life Science, Industry and EM sample...

How to avoid component damage and save costs using cleanliness analysis

Summary of the Science Lab Webinar “Basics in Component Cleanliness Analysis”

Leica Microsystems receives ISO global matrix certification from TÜV SÜD

Leica Microsystems has been certified by TÜV SÜD for conformance of its quality and environmental management system to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN...

A fast solution for high quality 3D tomography

The ARTOS 3D ultramicrotome expands 3D image reconstruction applications for cell biology research

International Magnification Standards

Understanding Useful Magnification for Digital Microscopy

A successful partnership is strengthened

The Bordeaux Imaging Center (BIC) and Leica Microsystems are now working together on an official basis

New LMD Software 8.2 for Leica Laser Microdissection systems

Improved usability and larger application range

New Leica cleanliness solution: Identify contamination sources quickly

2-in-1 system for visual and chemical analysis of particles at the same time

Count particles on filters quickly and easily

Leica Microsystems launches a new cleanliness analysis software

Smart Assistant PAULA for Cell Labs Ensures Better Quality Results and Saves Time

How are my cells doing? PAULA, the world’s first Personal AUtomated Lab Assistant, always knows the answer!

UCLA CNSI–UCLA and Leica establish center of excellence in microscopy at California NanoSystems Institute

The California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Leica Microsystems, Inc. have combined efforts to...

Leica Microsystems announces a partnership agreement with Rovers Polska in Poland

Complete integrated solutions for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Visit us at ELMI

Discover the latest innovations by Leica Microsystems at the European Light Microscopy Initiative in Dublin, June 5-8, 2018

New Leica Microsystems Reference Site is first of its kind in Israel

A new partnership between Leica Microsystems and Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel is officially in place

A single vision for the future

Cutting edge view of ARveo digital augmented reality microscope marks a new generation of integrated rich information instruments

Thermo Fisher and Leica Collaborate to Develop Integrated Cryo-tomography Workflow Solution

Correlation of light and electron microscopy leads to better insight into macromolecules in a biological context

This secure IoT connection ensures you research time

Secure RemoteCare service for Confocal Microscopy Systems. Leica Microsystems offers state-of-the-art service based on IoT technology.

10x faster lifetime contrast facilitates access to new discoveries

Explore molecular interaction at the speed of life with the SP8 FALCON from Leica Microsystems

Redefining the detection limit of confocal imaging

TCS SP8 with new LIGHTNING extracts maximum information from each specimen

KAUST - Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence (CoE) Inaugurated

State-of-the-art facility features the first imaging system of its kind in Saudi Arabia

Save time in recurring tasks – Work with overlays

New overlay features for the Leica DMS digital microscope series

Precision through every stage of the cataract workflow

Leica Microsystems teams up with OCULUS to improve cataract surgery workflow and support optimal patient outcomes

Save 90% of the time when doing materials analysis

The DM6 M LIBS 2-in-1 microscope comes with integrated chemical analysis

Fast image capture with precise colors for every situation

New DMC6200 pixel shift camera: Amazing images for Life Science and other applications

Every detail counts: See what you need to see without compromises

DMC5400 microscope camera with 20 megapixel CMOS sensor

2018 Electron Microscopy Courses at CMC Utrecht, NL

Register now for the basic course "Resin embedding and ultrathin sectioning" Jan 15-17, 2018

Development of new integrated Cryo-Imaging solutions

CSSB and Leica Microsystems establish an Advanced light and Fluorescence Microscopy (ALFM) facility and integrated Cryo-Imaging solutions

A Tribute to Cryo-EM

This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry was recently awarded to Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson "for developing cryo-electron...

OCT power package reveals subsurface details during ophthalmic surgery

Leica Microsystems introduces the EnFocus intrasurgical OCT system in combination with the Proveo 8 surgical microscope to enhance ophthalmic surgical...

From Micro to Macro: Celebrating 20 years of Collaboration between the IGBMC and Leica Microsystems

The Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology and Leica Microsystems marked 20 years of collaboration with a day of presentations and...

Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2017 Honors a Cool Revolution in Biochemistry

Cryo-EM allows the study of biomolecules at atomic resolution prepared under cryogenic conditions

White Blood Cell Recruitment to Bacterial Infection

Zebrafish In Vivo Study Using Leica Fluorescence Microscopes

The Institute of Photonic Science, Barcelona becomes a new Nanoscopy Imaging Reference site for Leica Microsystems

Barcelona, October 9th 2017. October 6th marked the beginning of a new partnership between ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona and...

Taking a significant leap forward in workflow support for ophthalmic surgery

Enhanced visualization and responsive workflow features for the Proveo 8 platform from Leica Microsystems

Augmented reality imaging supports clinical decision-making for vascular neurosurgeons

Leica Microsystems showcases another first in fluorescence imaging: the groundbreaking GLOW AR Platform at CNS, Boston

CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center opens cutting-edge microscopy platform in partnership with Leica Microsystems

MONTREAL, September 26, 2017 – CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center in Montreal has partnered with Leica Microsystems to establish a cutting-edge...

Digitally inspect large samples comfortably

DVM6 M digital microscope zoom module can be configured with different stands

Medical Device Manufacturing Articles and Information

Examples: Report on the production of microscissors and forceps for minimally invasive eye surgery, study concerning the impact of gum disease on...

Making class interactive and inspiring

New AirTeach software changes teaching and improves the learning experience for students

Leica Microsystems is advancing surgical microscopy by integrating enhanced digital technologies directly into the operating microscope

Leica Microsystems’ Medical Division recently was featured during the US TV series "Innovations with Ed Begley Jr." aired via Fox Business

Free Webinar On-Demand: Digital Microscopy in Earth Science

Polarized light microscopes have been used in classical earth science studies for the last 100 years. Since then a lot of progress has been made to...

View of an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) viewed with FL560 fluorescence.

Leica FL560 achieves First FDA Clearance for cerebrovascular fluorescence with fluorescein

Leica Microsystems is the first company in the US receiving FDA 510(k) clearance for the visualization of cerebrovascular blood flow in conjunction...

Free Webinar On-Demand: Basics in Component Cleanliness Analysis

For automotive manufacturers and auto parts suppliers, obtaining component cleanliness results rapidly, accurately, and reproducibly over the entire...

Leica solution supports more realistic cancer research models

3D Cell Biology Workflow for tumor spheroid imaging with the SP8 DLS Digital LightSheet Microscope

Bendable biosensors from flexible organic electronics

Developing wearable body sensors with the aid of Leica microscopes

Everyone on the same page with the latest version of AirLab App from Leica Microsystems

View live images of all connected microscopes in one thumbnail overview

High-throughput capability for Laser Microdissection Devices

Leica Microsystems releases the scanning stage LMT350 ultra and introduces Leica LMD application Software V8.0.1

Inspect 6" wafers fast with 30% more field of view

New DM3 XL inspection system for routine applications in industry

Automated analysis of 3D-printed components for the aerospace industry

Interview with Reinhold Matthes, materials tester for quality management at Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH, describing his experience with the...

Observing surface wetting under water

Leica Microscopes help scientists investigate “self-cleaning” surfaces

More structural information from transparent samples

Make substantiated decisions with the new TL3000 Ergo transmitted light base

Tile scan image of Mouse brain tissue section with multicolor immunofluorescent labeling

Find the Missing Links in Advanced Live Cell Research - Leica launches DMi8 S live cell imaging solution

Wetzlar, Germany – Leica introduces the DMi8 S, a new complete solution designed to give researchers the ultimate tool for fast, versatile microscopic...

Unprecedented image fidelity in zebrafish research

New stereo microscope solutions from Leica reveal finest pigments and structures

Free Webinar On-Demand: Analyze grain size on microstructures the way you need

Grain size plays an essential role in the mechanical properties of materials. Leica Microsystems offers state-of-the-art grain detection technology...

From Organic Crystals “in the Rough” to “Prized” Semiconducting Thin Films

Leica Microscopes Help to Advance Nanoscale Electronics

Join the Webinar! Enhance Your Imaging with Super-Resolution

Improve Spatial Resolution and Increase Signal to Noise Ratio in Difficult Samples

View videos of two membrane peel cases captured with intrasurgical OCT

Visit Science Lab to watch the different stages of two membrane peel procedures captured with EnFocus intrasurgical OCT. See for yourself how en face...

Pinhole Effect in Confocal Microscopes

When operating a confocal microscope, or when discussing features and parameters of such a device, we inescapably mention the pinhole and its...

On-Demand Webinar: Quality with Confidence - What you need to know about digital microscopes for medical device quality processes

New technologies augment the surgeon’s visualization

Leica Microsystems reveals new Augmented Reality imaging technologies for surgical microscopes at AANS in Los Angeles

Full Spectral Freedom for Multi-color Deep Tissue In Vivo Imaging

Leica Microsystems launches SP8 DIVE – The World's First Tunable Deep Imaging Solution

High resolution Greenough stereo microscopes

Work up to 20% faster in inspection and rework with the new S9 series from Leica featuring FusionOptics technology*

Full-HD Image Injection Module for Surgical Microscopes

High-resolution visual data can be viewed directly in the eyepieces during neurosurgery with CaptiView image injection

Abberior Instruments and Leica Microsystems conclude license agreement

Common link is collaboration with Professor Stefan Hell

Do you know what phloem and the Münch hypothesis are about?

Read Michael Knoblauch’s paper where he uses microscopy techniques to investigate the phloem transport in plants, one of the least understood plant...

Coatings of semi-bright nickel and bright nickel over a copper layer on ABS plastic

Inspection of Multilayer Coating in the Automotive Industry

Interview with F. Javier Ruiz Balbas, Laboratory Manager at Atotech Spain, about his experiences with the Leica EM TXP/DM2700 M system.

Webinar: Study Cellular Dynamics with 1 ms precision

Dissect fast processes by optogenetics coupled with high-pressure freezing

How to turn microscope workplaces ergonomic

"The microscope needs to adapt to the user, not vice versa" - Interview with Clinton Smith, Senior Product Manager at Leica Microsystems

From samurai swords to surgical instruments

Traditional and modern forging methods combined with microscope inspection for optimal instrument quality

Visit us at Cataract Surgery: Telling It Like It Is 2017

Jan. 25-29, 2017 in Naples, FL, US - Booth no. 35

Visit us at Cataract Surgery: Telling It Like It Is 2017

Jan. 25-29, 2017 in Naples, FL, US - Booth no. 35

How intrasurgical OCT can impact the surgical approach to membrane peeling

New ophthalmology case study on Science Lab: Videos captured with EnFocus intrasurgical OCT demonstrate how visualization of the membrane can impact...

HyVolution vs Confocal

Is confocal microscopy obsolete?

Super-resolution microscopy is at the forefront of biomedical science today, but does it supersede confocal microscopy?

Fluorescent light helps surgeons target brain tumors

FL400 fluorescence with 5-ALA supports surgical visualization during tumor resection

Upgradeable ophthalmic surgery solutions

We’ve designed the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope as a versatile, expandable imaging platform. At its core the Proveo 8 microscope delivers the...

Chronic inflammation under the microscope

This article explains how widefield light microscopy helps to examine the underlying processes of chronic inflammation from a cellular level to whole...

Research Microscope Leica DMi8

Factors to consider when selecting a research microscope

What is the right research microscope for me? This article gives you a brief overview of the major features you should have in mind when choosing an...

Which microscope works best for the classroom?

New: All the details teachers need to know about student microscopes in an overview of Leica educational microscopes

Factors to consider when selecting student microscopes for schools and universities

Selecting educational microscopes is not an easy task for teachers. The microscopes must stand up to daily use by not always careful hands, be...

Freeze the moment of your discovery

Find out how electrical stimulation will help you visualize cellular activity in your sample preparation for electron microscopy.

Pharma software free download of LAS X

Pharma software - free download of LAS X

Simplify complex analysis tasks and save time by utilizing Leica Application Suite X software integrated with Leica microscopes. LAS X guides you...

Real-time 3D imaging of living organisms at sub-cellular resolution

Leica Microsystems to develop SCAPE microscopy

Explore life’s true nature with super-resolution and nanoscopy

With HyVolution 2 and the Leica TCS SP8 STED ONE, Leica Microsystems paves the way to access imaging beyond the diffraction limit

Leica DCM8 - 3D Optical Surface Metrology System

Why the pigment manufacturer Kronos uses the Leica DCM8 for 3D surface profiling of plastics

“Using the Leica DCM8, we save time on each sample.”

Leica Microsystems attends BI-MU Exhibition in Milan

Optimizing documentation and quality control for industry and materials science

Vienna branch of Leica Microsystems celebrates 140th anniversary

Specialists in electron microscope sample preparation workflows

Image from microscope and system monitor of the image-guided surgery software.

Enabling "GPS" for the brain surgeon

CaptiView injects images from image-guided surgery software into the microscope eyepieces

Microscopy Today 2016 Innovation Award to Leica TCS SP8 DLS confocal

Microscopy Today 2016 Innovation Award for Leica Digital LightSheet solution

Light sheet and confocal microscopy combined for long-term imaging of sensitive samples

Webinar: Laser Microdissection in Cancer Research – Contamination-free Isolation of Tumor Material for Downstream Analysis

You will learn about the advantages of using LMD for precise, contamination-free isolation of specific cell types using pancreatic cancer tissue...

Webinar: HyVolution Turns Super-Sensitivity into 140 nm Resolution in Multicolor

Constantin Kappel will demonstrate how to achieve a resolution of 140 nm with the Leica TCS SP8 confocal microscope using HyD hybrid detectors and...

What Makes a Microscope a Good Educational Microscope?

Interview with Leica Microsystems’ Product Manager Vince Vaccarelli

Precision in premium cataract surgery

Leica Microsystems launches IOLcompass Pro intraocular lens positioning system

Webinar: Advances in Neuroscience: New Methods for Correlating Structure and Function

Kwanghun Chung (MIT) and Christine Ann Denny (Columbia University) will present recent advances in targeted cell labelling, tissue clearing, and...

Imaging of Host Cell-bacteria Interactions using Correlative Microscopy under Cryo-conditions

Martin Strnad, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, explains how he utilized CLEM to investigate interactions between Borrelia burgdorferi and...

Usability Champion Leica DVM6

Leica Microsystems presents Red Dot award-winning digital microscope at Control 2016

Inspection of Multilayer Samples - Workflow in Quality Control

A new approach to create an efficient, fast and precise workflow in Quality Control

Quality control of multilayer coatings on metal and plastic...

Leica sCMOS microscope camera for imaging live cells under near-native conditions

Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Microsystems launches the Leica DFC9000, a monochrome microscope camera with a highly sensitive third-generation sCMOS sensor....

How 3D Visualization can Support ENT Surgery and Training

In his Science Lab interview, Prof. Erwin Offeciers, Head of the European Institute for Otorhinolaryngology, Antwerp, belgium, talks about his...

Why Infinity-Corrected Optics Considerably Improved the Functionality of Modern Microscopes

Enjoy reading Christoph Greb’s article “Infinity Optical Systems - From infinity optics to the infinity port” published in the current issue of Optik...

HyVolution - Super-Resolution Imaging with a Confocal Microscope

Since the invention of the microscope, there has been continual discussion about the possibility of showing more detailed features of specimens as...

New Leica Bioimaging Center Officially Inaugurated

Leica Microsystems and the Biomedical Center (BMC) of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich, Germany, inaugurated the new core facility...

High-precision Motorized Stage with Integrated Controller for Upright Microscopes

The motorized stage for Leica DM2000-3000 upright microscopes features integrated, very compact controller and is equipped with an integrated...

Leica Bioimaging Center

Leica Microsystems and the Biomedical Center (BMC) in Munich open Core Facility Bioimaging for Applied Cell Research

How stereo microscopes make the work with Drosophila in developmental biology more efficient

In this report you can find useful information how to improve your daily laboratory workflow

Leica Microsystems Receives Award as Technology Leader

Frost & Sullivan recognizes subsidiary Bioptigen for their product innovation in OCT

Highspeed Multicolor Confocal Super-Resolution: HyVolution for Leica TCS SP8

HyVolution is confocal super-resolution for every specimen and every experiment. Study the rapid dynamics of living cells, image multiple fluorophores...

Leica receives FDA approval for EnFocus OCT

Leica Microsystems’ subsidiary Bioptigen receives FDA’s 510(k) clearance for EnFocus

Instantly see the true nature of your samples.

With HyVolution technology for the Leica TCS SP8 confocal platform you can.

Instantly see the true nature with HyVolution for confocal microscopy

Leica TCS SP8 with HyVolution for greatest fidelity in multicolor confocal imaging

Color Infidelity: Why Using a Light Source Incorrectly is Cheating on your Data

In his article, Mike Tjepkema explains how to choose the best light source to minimize errors in imaging.

With the help of super-resolution microscopy scientists have gained fundamental insights into the organization of mitochondrial DNA.

An LMD enthusiast recommends: Reading tips on laser microdissection by Falk Schlaudraff

Great resources for basics and advanced applications

Pushing the boundaries of sight

Leica Microsystems Launches New Ophthalmic Microscope Platform at AAO in Las Vegas

Intraoperative OCT Today and Tomorrow

The PIONEER Study Two-year Results and Beyond

Illumination (Lighting) Systems for Stereo Microscopes

Obtaining the optimal results for industrial applications

Video Talk by Sonia H. Yoo

Interoperative OCT Imaging of Selective Lamellar Keratoplasty

Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation: “The Future is Cold, Dynamic and Hybrid”

Interview with Staf van Tendeloo and Frédéric Leroux from the Leica Reference Site at EMAT (Electron Microscopy for Materials Science), University of...

Video: Traumatic Soft and Hard Tissue Wound on the Maxillary Anterior with Microscope Assisted Rehabilitation

Achieving Esthetic Excellence with a Multidisciplinary Approach

How to set up Koehler Illumination

3 minutes to optimize your image quality

10,000 Euro donated for a local aid organization in Germany

Leica Microsystems and its associates take over social responsibility

Video Interview with Jutta Bulkescher

In this video she talks about her experiences with the Leica HCS A matrix screener

The Colors of Life. Simultaneously.

HyVolution – True Confocal Super-resolution

How the GFP Protein Revolutionized Live Cell Imaging

Video Talk by Roger Tsien from University of California at San Diego, CA, USA, about History and Mutation of GFP

Leica DMi8 eyepiece-free system

Leica DMi8 - Innovations to Fit Your Needs

The Leica DMi8 is Leica Microsystems’ freely configurable inverted research microscope platform – from basic microscopy to high-end imaging. Please...

Fluorescent Proteins - From the Beginnings to the Nobel Prize

Get insights into the history of one of the world’s most beautiful biochemical tools

New Accessories for Leica DVM6 Digital Microscope

Find out how to make the Leica DVM6 even more efficient. With the latest accessories, such as the polarizer adapter or the transmitted light base, you...

How to Correct Aberration in Stereo Microscopy by using the right objective lens

Read on Science Lab how to eliminate refractive index mismatch for liquid-immersed or embedded samples

Probes that FIT RNA

On Science Lab Imre Gaspar, EMBL, explains, how to use modified FIT (fluorogenic forced intercalation) probes for RNA detection quantification in live...

Experience the Award-Winning Leica M530 OH6 for Neurosurgery at CNS Annual Meeting

Surgical microscope chosen as a leading innovation by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons

Inverted Microscope Leica DMi8 for Industry

What you always wanted to know about inverted microscopes but never dared to ask

Precise Polishing for Reliable Measurements

How to use the Leica EM TXP target surfacing system to prepare small disk-shaped samples for capacitance and pyroelectric current measurements

Webinar: Leveraging Digital Microscopy to Increase Overall Throughput and Efficiency

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015. This webinar will help you make the correct decision for your specific digital micro-imaging needs

Digital Microscope Leica DVM6

Quality Magazine Webinar, September 29: Leveraging Digital Microscopy to Increase Overall Throughput and Efficiency

September 29, 2:00 PM EDT. Register now!

Gareth Jackson Proudly Presents: The New Leica EM ICE High-Pressure Freezer

Video Interview by Dr. Chris Parmenter, Editor of Micorscopy and Analysis About our Latest Innovation in EM Sample Preparation

Choose the Future With Heads-up Surgery

See Surgical Microscopes Leica M844 F40 and Envisu OCT at EURETINA

Making Every Nerve Visible – First South African Hospital Invests in Leica M530 OH6 Surgical Microscope

Surgeons and Patients Benefit from Groundbreaking 3D Technology for Efficient and Safe Spinal Decompression Surgery at Netcare Greenacres Hospital in...

Leica Microsystems now offers Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging systems for clinical ophthalmology and pre-clinical research applications.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging systems for clinical ophthalmology and pre-clinical research

OCT imaging systems utilize optical interferometry, similar to holography, to produce images of internal tissue microstructures. This non-invasive...

The Right Perspective is Crucial

James deRose and Georg Schlaffer explain how digital microscopes can help to make workflows for inspection and quality control more efficient

FusionOptics in Neurosurgery – for a Larger 3D Area in Focus

Innovative microscope technology combines high resolution with an increased depth of field

Anja Schué, Mother of Science Lab

Meet Anja Schué, Mother of Science Lab

About the thrill of providing information

Using Telecentric Optical Systems to Optimize Industrial Image Accuracy and Reproducibility

How to Eliminate Hidden Errors in Manufacturing

High-Pressure Freezer Leica EM ICE

New Insights Are Just a Millisecond Away

Leica Microsystems Launches High Pressure Freezer with Integrated Light Stimulation for “Flash-and-Freeze” Experiments

What You Always Wanted to Know About High-Pressure Freezing

A Brief Introduction by Dr. Cveta Tomova

STED Nanoscopy with Fluorescent Quantum Dots

Published in Nature Communications: STED nanoscopy of several red-emitting commercially available quantum dots is successfully realized by the 775 nm...

Impossible? Not for Those who are Prepared to See High-Pressure Freezing and Light Stimulation with a Millisecond Precision!

Register now for Workshops at Multinational Congress on Microscopy in Eger, Hungary, and Microscopy Congress in Göttingen, Germany

Early Microscopes and the Discovery of the Cell

In his video talk Joseph Gall takes us through the history of compound microscopes.

Markus Lusser is new President of Leica Microsystems.

Markus Lusser is New President of Leica Microsystems

Wetzlar, Germany. Markus Lusser is the new President and Director of Leica Microsystems, headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany. This appointment became...

A Good Place for Materials Scientists and Mineralogists to prepare their EM Samples

Leica Microsystems partner lab for EM sample preparation in Paris well received by users.

Welcome to "Sandland" – How Microscopy Uncovers the Beauty of Sand

Join Jenny Natusch on her Unlikely Treasure Hunt

Educational Microscopes Put to the Test with Severe Conditions

Leica educational microscopes successfully meet the criteria for mold and fungus resistance according to ISO Standard 9022-11 for resistance of...

Microscopes Reveal Hidden Beauty: Inclusions in Gemstones

Michael Hügi, M.SC., of the Swiss Gemmological Society, on the Aesthetics of Nature

First Bilateral Hand Transplant in a Child

A Moving Story: US Surgeons Successfully Complete the World’s First Bilateral Hand Transplant on a Child, Supported by our Leica M525 F40 Microscope....

Whitepaper: Sensors and Measuring Techniques in Confocal Microscopy

New issue of Technological Readings: Sensors and Measuring Techniques in Confocal Microscopy, July 2015.

How to Light Your Sample Best With Stereo Microscopes

Free Illumination Report for Download

Illumination enables you to see what you want to see. Therefore it is crucial for microscopy. But illumination...

Get to Know Our New Upright Microscopes of the DM series

One Stand forms the basis of Eight Instruments for Life Science Researchers and Industrial Users and Researchers

Recommendation not to upgrade to Windows 10

If you use Leica Application Suite (LAS), LAS X, LAS AF, or LMD software and wish to upgrade to Windows 10, please contact our service team.

Correlative Fluorescence and (Cryo-) Electron Microscopy

Webinar: Identifying Objects of Interest and Imaging in 3D in The Transmission Electron Microscope

Innovative Solutions for Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation and Microscopic Imaging at Microscopy & Microanalysis

August 3 to 6, 2015

Free Sample Preparation Tutorials With Latest Electron Microscope Preparation Instruments

The Leica DMC4500 allrounder color camera for industrial and life science microscopy

Allrounder Color Camera for Industrial and Life Science Microscopy

Leica DMC4500 with 5-Megapixel CCD Sensor and USB 3.0 Interface

New Fully Coded, Semi-Automated Polarization Microscope

Leica DM4 P for Convenient Investigation of Crystalline Structures

New Automated Upright Microscopes for Materials Science and Analysis

Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M for Consistent Imaging Conditions and Reliable Results

New Laser Microdissection Microscope Series with LED for Transmitted Light

Leica LMD6 and Leica LMD7 Succeed Leica LMD6500 and Leica LMD7000

New Upright Microscopes for Life Science Research and Clinical Applications

Leica DM4 B and Leica DM6 B with LED Illumination and 19 mm Field of View for Simple, Fast, and Flexible Microscopy

Brilliant Transmitted Light Imaging Due to Powerful Ultra-bright LEDs

Leica Microsystems Introduces the Leica DM2500 LED Microscope for Clinical Laboratories and Research Applications

Shadow-free Illumination for Bored Holes and Recesses: Leica LED5000 NVI und LED3000 NVI

Cartridge cases, cylinder heads, injectors – wherever microscopic inspection of bores or recesses is required, conventional types of illumination come...

LED Illumination: Technology, Benefits, Useful Information

Light emitting diodes, or LEDs for short, are found in all sorts of applications.

Vienna Plant Certified for DIN EN ISO 14001

Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation Business Proves Environmental Commitment

Leica Microsystems to Acquire OCT Company Bioptigen

Integration of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Opens up New Avenues for Ophthalmology and Life Science Research

Get Your Free Poster: Functional Plasticity of Adult Tissue Stem Cells

This poster presents a "piece of art" as well as useful knowledge about cell biology. Order your free printed copy.

GSD Around the World – A Travel Diary on Facebook

Tamara Straube and Peter Laskey will take you on a journey around the world: Together with a team of specialists, they visited 10 countries, organized...

Leica Laser Microdissection Software V7.6 release

Leica Laser Microdissection Software V7.6 release

We are happy to release our new Leica LMD software V7.6 introducing a new definition of rapid dissection: the Shadow Cut mode (patent pending).

Digital Classroom: Leica Microsystems Launches Wi-Fi Capability for Educational Microscopy in Universities and Colleges

Image Delivery to Multiple Student Devices Increases Learning Time

Leica Microsystems Launches Digital Microscope Leica DVM6

Facilitating Precise, Repeatable Imaging, Measurement, and Analysis

More to Learn on Multiphoton Microscopy with the Leica TCS SP8 MP

Information and Stunning Images from the Deep Tissue Universe

Leica Microsystems launches Leica EM Cryo CLEM, a system that facilitates correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM), allows rapid screening of large areas and fast determination of regions of interest

Leica Microsystems Combines Advantages of Cryo Fixation, Fluorescence Light Microscopy and Electron Microscopy in One System

Leica EM Cryo CLEM Features the World’s First Cryo CLEM Objective

Five Advantages of Inverted Over Upright Microscopes in Industrial Applications

Kay Scheffler explains in his Science Lab article, why users are more flexible and save time with inverted microscopes.

Leica Microsystems Launches Inverted Microscope for Industrial Applications

Versatility, Upgradability, and Faster Workflow with the Leica DMi8 Platform

EMBL Advanced Course – Intensive Super-Resolution Microscopy Course for Localization Microscopy and STED

From 20th to 25th July 2015 the EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory), Heidelberg will be holding a six-day intensive course on the subject of...

Congratulations to Karl Deisseroth for winning the Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences!

The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) announced Prof. Karl Deisseroth, Stanford University, USA, to be awarded with the Lurie...

The Leica WF FRAP Photobleaching Module for the Inverted Research Microscope Leica DMi8 is made for the investigation of cellular dynamics and enables users to flexibly define their bleaching area using masks of various sizes and shapes.

FRAP Device for Widefield Microscopy

Leica WF FRAP Photobleaching Module for the Inverted Research Microscope Leica DMi8

Myths Under the Microscope: the Restoration of Celtic Finds

The finding of a life-sized sandstone statue of a Celtic prince in Glauberg, Hessen, marked the beginning of a fascinating journey into the early...

10 Tips For Buying a Stereomicroscope

In art restoration, just as in many industrial applications, stereomicroscopes are the “workhorses“: you can use them for three-dimensional viewing,...

Product Overview: Microscopes for Restorers

To work successfully as a restorer or conservator of historical works of art, your main requirement is a detailed view of the object you are working...

What Do Digital Microscopes Have To Offer?

As a rule, restorers and conservators work with stereomicroscopes of different performance classes. However, digital microscopy offers several...

Four Paintings Reveal Their History: Tracing Bosch and Brueghel

Four large-format paintings spent two years in a workshop of the Danish National Gallery in Copenhagen being subjected to all sorts of examinations....

Interesting Links: Art Conservation

Art restoration work has many facets. Some restorers give visitors and colleagues insights into their projects on the internet.

The multi-purpose camera Leica DFC7000 T is an ideal tool for the acquisition of brightfield and fluorescence images and performs outstanding simultaneous multi-color fluorescence imaging.

Leica DFC7000 T Multi-Purpose Camera for Brightfield and Fluorescence Microscopy

Two Acquisition Modalities in One CCD Color Sensor Save Time

What Does 30,000:1 Magnification Really Mean?

This new tutorial from James DeRose and Michael Doppler will help you to understand magnification in modern digital microscopy

Super-Resolution – On a Heuristic Point of View About the Resolution of a Light Microscope

Enjoy reading Rolf Borlinghaus’ latest article on resolution and super-resolution techniques.

Leica Microsystems’ Presents Leitz at the SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco, USA

February 7 to 12, 2015

Focus on Sophisticated Optical Solutions

Royal Guest at the ArabHealth

Prince Mohammed Bin Khalid Bin Abdullah visited the Leica booth during the international healthcare exhibition & medical congress ArabHealth in Dubai

Photonic Spectra: Trends in Modularity

Read Gary Boas‘ article about moduarity, flexibiliy and upgradability in microscopy featuring the Leica DMi8 and Leica TCS SP8.

Leica Microsystems Presents Surgical Microscopes at Arab Health 2015 in Dubai

January 26 to 29, 2015

Stay Focused With the Leica M530 OH6 With True Vision 3D Technology for Neurosurgery and the Leica M844 F40 for Ophthalmic...

New Leica TCS SP8 at Bates College: „Second of its kind in Maine, new microscope is a game-changer“

According to Bates College, the confocal offers new imaging capabilities and supports research in biology, neuroscience, nanotechnology and...

Leica Microsystems Previews Light Sheet Module for Confocal Microscope for Gentle and Fast Live Imaging

Technology Preview at ASCB annual meeting

A Guide to Choosing the Right Digital Microscope Camera for the Application

When evaluating the quality of a digital microscope camera, most users think in terms of mega-pixels, speed, or light sensitivity. These are often the...


Lost in translation? As in any other technology, camera users are confronted with a lot of technical terms. But what do they all mean? How important...

Product Portfolio Microscope Cameras

With our broad range of microscope cameras you can document exactly what you see through the microscope. Leica Microsystems’ portfolio includes...

Free Infographic: Which Super-Resolution Microscopy Method is Right for You?

This illustrated guide to super-resolution microscopy helps you compare technologies to best fulfill your individual research needs.

The Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X was chosen among The Scientist Top 10 Innovations 2014

The Scientist Top 10 Innovations Award for Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X

Leica Microsystems’ STED Super-Resolution Microscope Again Awarded for its Innovative Technology

Fully Automated Inverted Research Microscope Leica DMi6000 B

Microscopy in Outer Space with Leica Microsystems’ Inverted Research Microscope Leica DMI6000 B

Astronaut Koichi Wakata Carried Out Live Cell Experiments at the International Space Station ISS

The Leica EM TIC 3X ion beam milling system is now available with vacuum cryo transfer docking port for convenient transfer of room-temperature or cryo samples.

Leica Microsystems’ Ion Beam Milling System Leica EM TIC 3X Now Available With Vacuum Cryo Transfer Docking Port

Vacuum Cryo Transfer (VCT) Ensures Samples Keep Their Phase During EM Sample Prep

Leica HyD SMD – the universal detector for SMD and imaging.

Universal Hybrid Detector for Single Molecule Detection and Imaging at SfN and ASCB

Leica HyD SMD - the Optimal Detector for Precise and Reliable SMD data

Imaging Companies in Europe Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Life Scientists

Imaging companies in Europe get closer to scientists by founding an open Board linked to the upcoming European research infrastructure Euro-BioImaging

Interview with Werner Zuschratter, Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology in Magdeburg, Germany

“Super-resolution microscopy gives us deeper insight into the synapses….”

Welcome to Sandland - How Microscopy Uncovers the Beauty of Sand

Jenny Natusch from Lancaster, UK, has a totally different way of looking at the world: With her microscope, she looks at a very small universe she has...

52 Years of Image Analysis

Fifty years ago the development of modern image analysis began. These early systems used to fill a whole room with electronics, very different from...

Software – the Window Between the Microscope and the User

To fulfill its key role in the fast, effective and highly precise workflow of many industrial applications, a microscope needs powerful and...

On a Par With the Customer

Many industrial microscope applications demand expert knowledge – not only of the microscope user, but also of the person providing advice on the best...

Integrated Software Solutions

Leica Application Suite (LAS) is the software platform that combines individual components into a fully integrated microscope system. Find out about...

Video Interview with Stefan Hell, the Inventor of Super-Resolution Microscopy

When we did this interview in June 2014, we hardly dared hope that Stefan Hell would be awarded the Nobel Prize. Get some personal insights of the...

Get to Know Leica Microsystems’ Surgical Microscopes for Ophthalmic Surgery at AAO 2014, Chicago, USA

Get to Know Leica Microsystems’ Surgical Microscopes for Ophthalmic Surgery at AAO 2014, Chicago, USA

October 18 to 21, 2014

International Specialists Share Their Experiences With 3D Visualization Technology and Heads-up Surgery at Booth #2839

Get to Know Leica Microsystems’ New Neurosurgical Microscope Leica M530 OH6 at This Year’s CNS Annual Meeting in Boston, USA

October 18 to 22

Combining FusionOptics Technology with Ergonomic Design and Advanced Illumination for Optimized Working Performance

Leica M530 OH6 Neurosurgical Microscope with FusionOptics

Neurosurgeons Can Stay Focused During Long OR Cases With FusionOptics Technology and Improved Ergonomics

October 14th, 2014

Leica Microsystems Launches Leica M530 OH6 Neurosurgical Microscope

Webinar: How to Optimize Your Surface Metrology Process

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

In this webinar Mario J. Gislao will explain different surface metrology methodologies and how to choose the appropriate...

Leica Microsystems Presents New Surgical Microscope for Neurosurgery at the EANS in Prague, Czech Republic

October 12 to 17, 2014

Surgeons Benefit From FusionOptics Technology and Optimized Ergonomic Design

Webinar: How to Pick the Right Microscopy Technique

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

In this webinar with Alison Dun you will learn about the variety of imaging techniques and how to pick the right imaging...

Webinar: Basics of Confocal Microscopy

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

New to confocal microscopy? Join our webinar with Alison Dun about the basics of confocal microscopy.

Webinar: Fundamentals of Fluorescence Microscopy

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

James Jonkman, MSc, will talk about how a fluorescence microscope works, what resolution you can expect to achieve from...

Eliminate Hidden Errors - Optimizing Image Accuracy and Reproducibility

White Papers About Telecentric Optical Systems for Qualitative Analysis of Objects of Different Height

Yale West Campus is organized into research institutes and core facilities — all designed to promote collaboration and interdisciplinary dialogue.

Yale University and Leica Microsystems Collaborate to Establish Microscopy Center of Excellence

Yale Welcomes Scientists to Participate in Core Facility Opening and Super-Resolution Workshops October 20 Through 31, 2014

How Scientists Comment on 10 Years of Leica Super-Resolution Innovation

Julia Roberti, EMBL, Heidelberg, and Christopher Thrasivoulu, UCL, London

Interview with Rainer Pepperkok, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

Rainer Pepperkok is convinced that both, GSDIM and STED super-resolution microscopy will play a crucial role in the observation of living and fixed...

Five-Day Workshop on EM Sample Preparation for Industrial Materials in Vienna, Austria

November 17 - 21, 2014

Learn More About Room-Temperature and Cryo Sample Preparation Through Hands-on Exercises and Lectures

Leica Microsystems China goes WeChat

Leica Microsystems has expanded its social network presence with a WeChat account for China.

Leica Microsystems launches the new, user-friendly imaging and analysis software platform for widefield, confocal and super-resolution microscopy

New User-Friendly Imaging and Analysis Software Platform for Life Science Research

September 19, 2014

LAS X for Widefield, Confocal and Super-Resolution Microscopy

Webinar: Laser Microdissection – Dissection Perfection

September 24, 2014

Dr. Niccola Funel and Dr. Christian Lobsiger will talk about the practical advantages of laser microsdissection for a precise and...

Leica Microsystems’ Ophthalmic Surgical Microscopes with TrueVision 3D Technology Available Globally

3D Visualization and Recording Transforms Teaching and Facilitates Communication in the Operating Room

Interview with Timo Zimmermann, CRG-Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain

Timo Zimmermann talks about his experiences with the Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X super-resolution system

Learn about revolutionary Heads up Surgery at the XXXII Congress of the ESCRS, London, UK.

Learn about revolutionary Heads up Surgery at the XXXII Congress of the ESCRS, London, UK.

September 13 to 17, 2014

Experience the Leica M844 and Leica M822 Ophthalmology microscopes with integrated TrueVision 3D Visualization System

Are Your Measurements Reliable and Accurate?

Technical Report on Measurements Using a Digital Microscope For Download

Leica Microsystems launches the inverted research microscope platform Leica DMi8

Leica Microsystems Introduces the Inverted Microscope Leica DMi8

September 08, 2014

One Universal Platform for Life Science Applications

Tracking Down the Culprit. Leica Microsystems Exhibits at the International General Police Exhibition and Conference (GPEC) in Leipzig, Germany

September 09-11, 2014

Uncovering the Smallest Clues With the Leica DMS1000 and the Leica M205 C

Sharing Knowledge of Microscopy at the International Microscopy Congress in Prague, Czech Republic

September 07-12, 2014

Leica Microsystems Presents New Sample Preparation System for Light and Electron Microscopy

White Paper Download: How to Optimize Results for Cleanliness Analysis

Appropriate System Calibration Improves Cleanliness Analysis in Manufacturing

Two-Day Workshop for 3D Surface Metrology in Rome, Italy

September 25-26, 2014

Talks and Presentations About Confocal Microscopy and Interferometry Techniques

Trends in Forensics

Modern forensic investigators use a wide variety of methods and techniques for evaluating trace evidence and tool marks. In addition to photogrammetry...

A Perfect Team: The Digital Specialist for Handwriting Analysis Experts

The comparison of handwriting samples requires not only in-depth expertise, but also the right tools: Microscope systems with precise optics, flexible...

Uncovering Every Trace

Forensic scientists have to identify, analyze, and document the findings from a crime scene. Many traces are only accepted as valid evidence in court...

Free Virtual Event: Genetics and Genomics 2014

August 20-21, 2014

Please join Leica Microsystems at this free online event. Learn about recent advances in genetics and genomics and earn...

Open House Event – Learn About Confocal Microscopy for Surface Metrology Applications in Chelmsford, MA, USA

September 24-25, 2014

Bring Your Most Challenging Sample for Analysis With the Leica DCM8

Leica Microsystems meets Science

Interview with Kees Jalink about the benefits of super-resolution microscopy for his research on cancer cells

How Scientists Comment on 10 Years of Leica Super-Resolution Innovation

William Hughes, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, and Tian Xue, University of Science & Technology of China, Hefei.

Leica Microsystems Offers Slide Scanning and Image Hosting for Education

Digital Pathology Solutions for the Microscopy Classroom in Partnership with Leica Biosystems

John Taulien received Microscopy Today 2014 Innovation Award on behalf of Leica Microsystems

Award Ceremony at the Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting

The First VIP Days for Industry and Materials Science Exceed Expectations

Positive Customer’s Feedback, Exchange of Experiences and Valuable Discussions

Microscopy Today 2014 Innovation Award for Leica Microsystems’ Super-Resolution System Leica SR GSD 3D

3D-enabled GSDIM/dSTORM-based Microscope System Wins Again

Tutorials during Microscopy and Microanalysis 2014

August 5, Hartford, CT, USA

Focus on Cryo-CLEM and Confocal Microscopy for Surface-Metrology Applications

Webinar: Advances in Neurotechniques – Methods that Reveal the Structure and Function of the Brain

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Karl Deisseroth and Viviana Gradinaru will present their research using optogenetics and CLARITY.

Leica Microsystems’ “Confocal” app offers interesting and helpful articles on confocal technologies and methodologies as well as products.

Confocal Knowledge at a Glance: App on Confocal Microscopy Available for iPad

Mannheim, Germany. Leica Microsystems launched the “Confocal” iPad app, which introduces researchers and students of the life sciences to confocal...

Get Your Free Poster on Synaptic Vesicle Recycling!

This "piece of art" poster shows an illustrated overview of the synaptic vesicle recycling process.

Leica Microsystems’ super-resolution system Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X is among the winners of the R&D 100 Award in 2014.

R&D 100 Award for Leica Microsystems’ STED Microscope

Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X Among the 100 Most Innovative Technologies

September 6, Prague: One-day Workshop on Cryo FIB-SEM in Life Sciences

International Microscopy Congress (IMC) 2014 follows September 7 to 12

Leica LMD software V7.5.1 release (World****Champion edition)

World Champions are made in Germany. The Leica LMD System and its software is made in Germany too. This is not by chance: Both, the German football...

Laser Microdissection Workshop Brazil

Leica Microsystems Brazil Scores With Laser Microdissection Workshop

Right in time for soccer world championship preparation in Brazil, Leica Microsystems scores with a laser microdissection (LMD) workshop in...

Latest Industry and Manufacturing Microscopes at SEMICON West, July 8 to 10, San Francisco, CA, USA

Get Your Free Ergonomic Assessment at Booth#5849

SEMICON West, July 8 to 10, San Francisco, CA; USA

Studying Vascular Development using Zebrafish (somites). Left: without correction. Right: optics adapted to the refractive index of the water column by using the correction ring of the Leica Planapo 2.0x CORR objective. Image courtesy of Mailin J. Hamm, A

Stereo Microscope Objective for Imaging Specimens in Aqueous Solution

Leica Planapo 2.0x CORR Objective Compensates Different Refractive Indices

STED Customer Websites

Since the introduction of the first commercial STED super-resolution system by Leica Microsystems in 2007, many customers from all over the world have...

Analysis of Innovative Materials: Diamond/Aluminum Composite Surface

The development of electronic instruments often depends on finding materials that do not overheat or draw heat out of the electronic components. New,...

Analysis of Oil Shale as an Alternative Source of Raw Materials

For some years now, the search for alternative sources of raw materials has concentrated on oil shale deposits. However, the exploitation of these raw...

Dedication to Science: Demo Lab for EM Sample Preparation in Paris

“Dedication to Science” is one of the core values of Leica Microsystems. It means understanding well the nature of scientists’ work and transforming...

Product overview: Preparation of Geological Samples

Leica Microsystems offers the most comprehensive product portfolio for Electron Microscope Sample Preparation: for each step in the workflow you get a...

Webinar: Preparing Samples of Heterogeneous Materials

For effectively preparing samples from heterogeneous materials for electron microscope analysis, ion beam slope cutting is the method of choice. In...

Recommended Links

We have collected some additional information on the topics you have read in this newsletter – it’ll be worthwhile to have a look at these websites!

Roughness and Surface Texture Analysis Workshops in Lyon

Roughness and Surface Texture Analysis Workshops in Lyon

Two half-day introductions to various concepts of metrological measurement. Our Surface Metrology Specialist Patrice Belin will hold two workshops on...

Kavli Prize in Nanoscience 2014 for Super-Resolution Microscopy

Three scientific pioneers receive the 2014 Kavli Prize Nanoscience: Thomas W. Ebbesen, Université Louis Pasteur, Stefan W. Hell, Max Planck Institute,...

The Benefits of Super-Resolution

Interview: Prof. Stephan Sigrist talks about the benefits of super-resolution for his research on synapses and synaptic information transfer between...

Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence (LAS AF) 4.0 is the software platform for advanced life science research in widefield and confocal microscopy. The image shows the 2D Analysis Module used to count nuclei automatically.

Image Analysis, Environmental Control and Experiment Handling via Mobile Devices for Life Science Research

Leica Microsystems Releases Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence (LAS AF) 4.0

The Leica DMi1 enables cell biologists to check and document cell and tissue cultures within seconds. Its ease-of-use and efficient operation make it an excellent choice for routine laboratory work as well as for training

Leica DMi1 – The Entry Level Inverted Microscope

Leica Microsystems Introduces an Inverted Microscope for Cell Culture Quick Check, Documentation, and Education Purposes With an Excellent...

Webinar on June 10th: Increase Efficiency and Productivity at your Microscope Workstation

Ergonomically designed microscopes: Small changes with great effects

Leica Microsystems Strengthens Market Presence in Turkey

Distributors Mikro-Optik Tıbbi Malzeme Ithalat Ihracat ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi and Gantenbein Ticaret Mürsel Gelincik ve Ortağı Adi Komandit...

By coupling a flash of light with rapid high-pressure freezing, regulated vesicle fusion and subsequent vesicle recycling at synapses can be visualized @ Erik Jorgensen, University of Utah

Innovative Flash-And-Freeze Fixation Method For EM - Webinar on June 17

Scientists Develop New Technique for Visualization of Neurotransmission

Video Interview with Dr. Yasushi Okada

10 years of Leica Super-Resolution Innovation: Watch the interview with Dr. Yasushi Okada, RIKEN QBiC, Osaka, Japan.

Get your free CLEM e-book for download

New edition of Wiley’s “Essential Knowledge Briefing” available. Within the renowned Essential Knowledge Briefing series by Wiley Leica Microsystems...

Education Overcomes Boundaries

The Italian organization “Pathologists Beyond the Borders“ trains specialists in developing countries, where the lack of experts frequently causes...

Discovering Nature’s Details

The Herborn-Uckersdorf Bird Park north of Frankfurt may be small – but it’s always a great experience for school classes, and not only because of the...

Hunting Down the Hay Bacillus

The more intensively young people are involved in the lesson and the more experiences they can make themselves, the easier they find it to learn....

AgTreatTM – a Contribution to Laboratory Hygiene

Educational microscopes pass through many hands. And the plastic surfaces of microscopes are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. That’s why Leica...

Leica DM300

Microscopes for the Next Generation of Scientists

Educational products from Leica Microsystems are specially designed for easy “plug-and-play” use. After all, the more time the instructor has for...

Simply Clever: The Leica EZ Features

Educational microscopes pass through many hands and are used practically all the time. That’s why Leica Microsystems equipped its microscopes for...

Results of the “Metallography” survey

Your vision for the future: More automation and digitization

Excellent Resistance to Fungus and Mold Growth: ISO 9022-11 Tested

The performance of optical instruments can be affected during their use by a number of environmental factors, for example, high temperature and...

Recommended Links on Education

The internet is a mine of information on microscopy training. We’d like to draw your attention to some remarkable websites.

Leica Microsystems and Med X Change Inc. Launch EvolutionHD™ Full HD 1080p 2D Recording for Select Surgical Microscopes

Presentation of the System at the ASCRS Annual Meeting in Boston

Diamond (30 micron)/Al composite: (a) Standard mechanical polishing - (b) Triple Ion Beam polishing / copyright @ Dr. Gang Ji

Webinar on Innovative Sample Preparation Method of Heterogeneous Materials for EM Observation on May 27

Scientists Show Their Results in Artifact-Free Diamond / Al Composite Surface

Leica Microsystems’ ENT Microscope Leica M320 F12 is now available with a multifocal objective lens and integrated full HD 1080p camera.

Leica Microsystems’ ENT Microscope Leica M320 F12 Available With a Multifocal Objective Lens and Integrated Full HD 1080p Camera

Doctors Benefit From Better Ergonomics at Work and Facilitated Teaching, Documentation and Patient Dialogue

Leica Microsystems Presents Latest Innovations in ENT Surgical Microscopes at the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings (COSM) May 14 to 18

Showing the Leica M720 OH5 and the Leica M320 F12 for Otologic and Neurotologic Surgery

Leica Steel Expert 2.0 Now Available as Upgrade or Full Package

Steel Analysis Software for Automated Non-Metallic Inclusion Rating Incorporates the Latest International Standards

Next Generation Student Microscopes – Setting Exemplary Preconditions in Educational Microscopy with the Leica DM100 and the Leica DM300

Working Fast and Efficiently to Achieve Better Results in the Microscopy Classroom

3D Technology and HD Recording for Ophthalmic Microscopes at ASCRS/ASOA on April 25 to 29

Leica Microsystems Presents Innovative 3D Computer-guidance Technology and HD Video and Still Recording for Ophthalmic Surgical Microscopes at the...

Leica Microsystems Opens Experience Lab in Japan

Laboratory for Microscope Demonstration and Workshops Located in Tokyo

Vive la Résolution! Leica Microsystems Celebrates 10 Years of Super-Resolution Innovations

Mannheim / Wetzlar, Germany. The introduction of the Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X in 2014 marks Leica Microsystems’ 10th anniversary of leading innovations...

Tips and Tricks for Digital Microscopy

The great thing about digital microscopes is that they are so easy to operate. Even if you don’t have any microscopy skills you can easily produce...

Digital Microscopy – the Ultimate Solution?

New technologies always attract a lot of attention, and digital microscopy is no exception, bringing radical changes to the world of traditional...

Visualizing Surface Structures in 3D

Surface models of micro- macroscopic structures are useful for gaining a better understanding of the properties of the sample and for better...

What You See is What You Get - The Benefits of Digital Microscopy at a Glance

The appeal of digital microscopes lies in their ease of use. You don’t need microscopy experience to obtain excellent results quickly and without much...

Leica DMS or Leica DVM? How to Decide Between the Two

The Leica DMS series is particularly useful for fast quality checks. DMS microscopes can be operated by several people, even if they have had no...

Digital Microscopy: Questions and Answers

Digital microscopes are ideal for users without any experience with microscopy. But what does ‘telecentric optics’ actually mean?

Webinars on Digital Microscopy

Digital microscopy is in a process of constant development. With new product features and innovative ideas, Leica Microsystems is helping to meet the...

Webinar: Why Cleanliness Analysis is Important

Efficient cleanliness analysis with a powerful microscope and software can decisively step up productivity. This webinar shows you how to count,...

Digital Microscopy Events

You’d like to meet us in person? We exhibit regularly at a large number of European trade fairs. Why not visit us at our booth at a fair near you? We...

Recommended Links on Digital Microscopy

The internet is a good source of information on digital microscopy, too. Here are some interesting websites for you to check out:

American Association of Neurological Surgeons AANS April 5 - 9

See the Leica M720 OH5 and Leica M525 OH4 at the 82nd AANS. Renowned Neurosurgeons Present Their Experiences with Leica Microsystems’ Surgical...

Leica Microsystems Presents Surgical Microscope for Ophthalmology with Integrated TrueVision 3D Technology

Live Broadcast of Monitor-guided Retinal Surgery at the International Frankfurt Retina Meeting

Leica Microsystems and TrueVision 3D Surgical Expand Relationship to Include Ophthalmic Microscopes

Collaborative Technologies Featured at World Ophthalmology Congress Tokyo Japan, April 2-5, 2014

New Remote Monitoring Smart Solution

A new solution to help you enjoy (not) being in the lab. It enables remote monitoring of a freeze substitution program running on a Leica EM AFS2...

Quality Assurance Software for Manufacturing

If you need to classify, characterize and measure particles or for example evaluate the contamination of cleaning fluids for micro mechanic and engine...

Alberto Diaspro honored with the Emily M. Gray Award

The Biophysical Society yearly rewards scientists who particularly stood out for their contributions to education in biophysics.

Leica Cleanliness Expert – Quality Control in Manufacturing Processes

reSOLUTION Industry News, March 2014

Key Factors for Efficient Cleanliness Analysis

reSOLUTION Industry News, March 2014

The right analysis system for every application

reSOLUTION Industry News, March 2014

Recommended reading

reSOLUTION Industry News, March 2014

New Vertical holder for Leica EM FC7 Cryochamber

Using these new tools results in a drastic reduction of trimming time prior to sectioning the sample in the Leica Ultramicrotome with the Cryo-chamber...

Leica DCM8 is a 3D surface metrology microscope that unites confocal microscopy and interferometry in one instrument.

Leica Microsystems Launches 3D Surface Metrology Solution

Leica DCM8 Unites Advantages of High-Definition Confocal Microscopy and Interferometry in One Instrument

Ion Beam Polishing for Large Areas

Leica Microsystems offers a New Rotary Stage for the Leica EM TIC3X

Metallography – It All Depends on the Illumination!

reSOLUTION Industry News, January 2014

Contrast Methods in Metallography

reSOLUTION Industry News, January 2014

Review: 47th Metallography Conference of the German Society of Materials Science

reSOLUTION Industry News, January 2014

Microscopes for Metallography

reSOLUTION Industry News, January 2014

Recommended Links on the Subject of Metallography

reSOLUTION Industry News, January 2014

Recommended Reading on Surface Metrology

reSOLUTION Industry News December 2013

Meet the Editorial Team. Today: Stefan Motyka

reSOLUTION Industry News December 2013

Webinar on Surface Metrology and Inspection

reSOLUTION Industry News December 2013

Analysis of Solar Cells

reSOLUTION Industry News December 2013

Surface Metrology - A brief introduction

Surface metrology works with tactile or optical measurement methods. Whereas tactile measurement is particularly suitable for stable and regular...

Detect Non-Metallic Inclusions Faster and More Accurately with Leica Steel Expert 2.0

New Software for Automated Steel Purity Rating

LMD Application Software Version 7.4

Laser Microdissection Software Version 7.4

Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X super-resolution system. Revealing the full spectrum of life in 3D – fast and directly.

Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X - fast and direct 3D super-resolution

See the full spectrum of life – with the smallest confocal volume ever

Leica Microsystems Launches First 3D Surgical Microscopes, Leica M720 OH5 and Leica M525 OH4 with TrueVision® 3D Technology Inside

Surgeons Benefit from Easy 3D Recording and Video Editing, More Space to Maneuver in the Operating Room and an Upgradable Platform for Future Surgical...

Award-Winning Educational Videos on Innovative Surgical Techniques

Leica Microsystems Sponsors 2013 Video Award of the German Ophthalmological Society (DOG)

1: Flow-through inserts for 6mm sample carriers

New Leica EM AFS2/EM FSP Flow-through inserts for 6mm sample carriers

This new insert is suitable for manual freeze substitution process in the Leica EM AFS2 and for automated freeze substitution performed in conjunction...

Leica DMS300

Now Available: Leica DMS300 With an Incident Light Base / New Instructional Videos on Leica DMS300

Leica Microsystems Offers More Accessories, Tips and Tricks Around Their Digital Microscope System Without Eyepieces

Recommended Reading

reSOLUTION Industry News September 2013

Anja Schue (left) interviews Katja Schröder (right)

Meet the editorial team. Today: Katja Schröder

reSOLUTION Industry News September 2013

The Leica DMS1000 transforms the microscope workstation to a computer workstation. Strain of the shoulders and the neck may be reduced this way.

Digital Microscope Systems Ergonomics Portfolio

reSOLUTION Industry News September 2013

Variable ErgoTubes make the microscope easily adaptable to individual users.

Stereo Microscopy Ergonomics Portfolio

reSOLUTION Industry News September 2013

The ergonomics poster shows key areas of the body that may be affected by working with a microscope for a longer period of time.

Focusing on Ergonomics

reSOLUTION Industry News September 2013

Microscopist sitting in an upright posture

Ergonomics helps!

reSOLUTION Industry News September 2013

Leica SR GSD 3D - Three-dimensional multi-channel image

3D Analysis, 3D Measurement and 3D Visualization for Widefield and Confocal Microscopy Systems

Leica Microsystems Releases Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence (LAS AF) 3.2

Leica SR GSD 3D

New Super-Resolution System for 3D Localization Microscopy

Leica SR GSD 3D – Highly Precise and Reproducible Localization of Single Molecules and Cellular Structures in Three Dimensions

Monitor showing Leica Microscope Assistant

Total Recall with Leica Microscope Assistant – now free of charge

Reproducible results with the Leica Application Suite (LAS)

Leica DMS300 Cleanliness Expert

From Macroscopic Scale to Tiniest Detail – Tailor-Made Cleanliness Analysis

Leica Application Suite (LAS) Cleanliness Expert Now Available for a Broader Range of Microscope Systems

High-Precision Scanning Stage für Stereo Microscopes and Macroscopes Leica LMT260 XY Scanning Stage

Leica Microsystems Launches High-Precision Scanning Stage for Stereo Microscopes and Macroscopes

Leica LMT260 XY Scanning Stage for a Repeatability of 0.25 μm at a Resolution of 5 nm

Leica International Advanced Confocal Microscopy Course 2013

Advanced Confocal Microscopy Course – Only few places left. Register now.

In October 2013, Leica Microsystems offers to Leica confocal users from all over the world the opportunity to gain technical skills and know-how in...

New York University Acquires 100th Leica Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope with White Light Laser for Morphogenetic Studies

The Leica TCS SP8 X provides total freedom of excitation and emission coupled with low laser power and high sensitivity

3rd European Super-Resolution User-Club Meeting

The meeting was held from in collaboration with Alberto Diaspro and the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genoa. Confocal and widefield...

Leica Microsystems to Sponsor New Endowed Professorship

Leica Microsystems is Supporting the New Endowed Professorship for Optic Technologies at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen

Two Cameras for Routine Imaging Applications

Leica DMC2900 for Brightfield, Leica DFC3000 G for Fluorescence Applications

STED and GSD users deepen their knowledge and exchange experiences

Leica Microsystems hosts 3rd Super-Resolution User Club Meeting June 17 to 19 at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Genoa

Paolo Bianchini, IIT researcher wins the TR35 - Giovani Innovatori award for 2013

Paolo Bianchini, a researcher of the Nanophysics Department at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia has been awarded with the “TR35 - Giovani...

The ergonomical design of the workstation and the microscope contributes considerably to reducing the strain on users’ eyes and posture muscles.

Guidelines for Ergonomic Design of Stereo Microscope Workstations

Ergonomics Handbook Helps Identify and Eliminate Health Hazards

New York University Acquires 100th Leica Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope with White Light Laser for Morphogenetic Studies

The Leica TCS SP8 X provides total freedom of excitation and emission coupled with low laser power and high sensitivity

3D surgical microscope: the Leica M720 OH5 with TrueVision® smart 3D technology inside saves space, simplifies surgical workflow and is fully upgradable to support future surgical guidance applications.

Leica Microsystems Debuts First 3D Surgical Microscopes with TrueVision® Technology Inside, at AANS Annual Meeting in New Orleans

Surgeons Benefit from Easy 3D Recording and Video Editing, More Space to Maneuver in the Operating Room and Upgradable Platform for Future Surgical...

Leica Microsystems and Leica Biosystems strengthen market position in Brazil

Long-Standing Leica Distributors Aotec Have Been Acquired

CARS imaging: structures of lipids, e.g. DHA and wow immulsions

Leica TCS SP8 CARS: New Method for Food Sample Imaging

New Insights in Food with Label-free Imaging Leica TCS SP8 CARS

A New Perspective on Things

Microscope Systems for Digital Inspection and Measurement

LAS EZ 3.0 – New Features for Leica LAS EZ

Leica LAS EZ Software has been helping our customers with basic Imaging applications since its introduction in 2006. This latest Version (3.0) offers...

The National University Hospital in Seoul trusts in Leica’s progressive confocal technology and stunningly clear images

When it comes to super-sensitivity and super-resolution, there’s no getting around the Leica TCS SP8 STED

Leica DM2700 M - New Materials Microscope with LED Illumination

The ideal microscope for all kinds of routine inspection tasks in metallography, earth science, forensic investigation, and materials quality control...

Leica M320 Surgical Microscope

New University Surgical Skills Lab with Leica Surgical Microscopes

UNC School of Medicine unveils brand new multidisciplinary surgical skills lab with Leica M320 microscopes

Visual Inspection with the Stereomicroscope

Polarization Set for Fatigue-Free Work

(A) Ultrathin section of P. tricornutum expressing Pex10-GFP in Epon without antibody labeling. The boxed area is shown in (B) at higher magnification and illustrates two peroxisomes in proximity to the nucleus, the golgi and the plastid. CW, cell wall; G

Targeting of peroxisomal matrix proteins in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum

P. tricornutum cells expressing different types of GFP fusion proteins were harvested via centrifugation at 1,500xg and cryoimmobilized by...

New Tutorial: The Principles of Polarization Contrast - A Step by Step Guide

This tutorial explains the optical elements in the light path and the operating mode of polarization contrast taking the example of an inverted and...

New Science Lab Topic: EM Sample Preparation

To achieve the best results during examination in the Electron Microscope (EM), the perfect EM Sample Preparation (for TEM, SEM, AFM) is a...

Several Prestigious Awards for Leica Microsystems

Efficient and Sustainable Production Processes and Unrivalled Performance in Fluorescence Microscopy

Joint Leica Microsystems and Eppendorf Movie on IMSI

New application video zooms in on IMSI - Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection

Sample Preparation of Arabidopsis thaliana root tips cells

by Riet De Rycke, resp. DMBR-PSB Transmission Electron Microscopy-Core Facility. Department for Molecular Biomedical Research, Plant Systems Biology,...

Workflow-oriented Fluorescence Software LAS AF 3 Simplifies Your Research

Enhanced speed and efficiency for recording, processing and displaying large amounts of data - including 3D visualization in real-time

Leica Microsystems Presents New LAS Modules for Metallographic Applications

Dedicated to Image Analysis for 50 Years


50 Years of Image Analysis

A Room Full of Electronics - From QTM A to LAS 4.2

Multiphoton Microscopy

With multiphoton microscopy, we can image several hundreds of micrometers deep into biological samples as scattering of red-shifted light in tissues...

Digital Microscopy

Digital microscopes are designed for versatile use in 2D and 3D applications and provide new opportunities for documentation and measurement in...

Congratulations to the six Nobel Prize Winners 2012 in Natural Sciences

Sir John B. Gurdon, Serge Haroche, David J. Wineland, Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilka

High Magnification Sperm inspection (IMSI)

IMSI is an advanced ICSI method descibed by Bartoov et al. (in Journal of Andrology 2002, 23).

Even Insect Fragments Throw Light on How Crimes Are Committed: How Forensic Biologist Dr. Mark Benecke Gains Insights

Even Insect Fragments Throw Light on How Crimes Are Committed

How Forensic Biologist Dr. Mark Benecke Gains Insights

White Light Laser – the Ultimate Source for Confocal Microscopy

The perfect light source for confocal microscopes in biomedical applications has sufficient intensity, tunable color and is pulsed for use in lifetime...

Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy: The Femtoliter Test Tube – System Calibration and In Vitro Applications

Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) measures fluctuations of fluorescence intensity in a sub-femtolitre volume to detect such parameters as...

How to Study Protein Recruitment to DNA Lesions by a Combination of UV Laser and White Light Laser

Understanding how DNA lesions are optimally repaired is of functional significance, especially from the view of genome karyotype stability.

Imaging Characteristic Vibrational Contrast of Molecules

Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy is a technique that generates images based on the vibrational signatures of molecules.

Good Vibrations - Perspectives of CARS Microscopy in Life Science Research

The ability to see the cell’s molecular machinery at work has contributed immensely to our understanding of cellular functioning.

CARS Microscopy – an Introduction

CARS overcomes the drawbacks of conventional staining methods by the intrinsic characteristics of the method.

Confocal Nanoscopy Goes Multicolor

Scientists strive to understand the architecture of life. They want to learn how biological structures are arranged in respect to one another.

Restless Receptors - New Insights Into the Dynamic Organization of Synapses

Synapses are the switch-points in our brain for information transmission, learning and memory. News studies and developments of imaging techniques...

The Missing Link to the Nanocosm of Life: Superresolution Opens up New Perspectives in Neurobiology

Fully understanding the functionality and complexity of the human central nervous system remains one of the major open questions in modern science.

Applications, Labeling Strategies and Fluorophores for Super-Resolution

Great insights can be obtained from conventional fluorescence microscopy, but studying the architecture and protein dynamics of sub-cellular...

Subcellular Localization of AKT and Tubulin using Super-Resolution Microscopy

Stimulated Emission Depletion microscopy, or STED nanoscopy, is a technique that uses the non-linear de-excitation of fluorescent dyes to overcome the...

Taking the Long View

In exploring how embryos take shape, John Wallingford has identified a key pathway involved in vertebrate development—and human disease.

Texas Children’s Hospital is first in North America to own Leica Microsystems Gated Stimulation Emission Depletion microscope

Texas Children’s Hospital is the first institution in North America to acquire a Leica Microsystems Gated Stimulation Emission Depletion (G-STED)...

University of Sydney welcomes its First Super-Resolution Microscope

The University of Sydney has welcomed the first ground state depletion super-resolution microscope (Leica GSD) in the Southern Hemisphere, which will...

Label-free FLIM: Microscopy under Physiological Conditions

Many biological samples exhibit autofluorescence. Its often broad spectra can interfere with fluorescent labeling strategies.

Sharing Images on iPad now also available for Stereo Microscopes

Space-saving, mobile and versatile wireless micro-image recording system for iPad

Scanning stage for 4-slides & Scanning stage for 8-slides for Leica DM4000-6000 B

  • Automatic and high-precision positioning of samples
  • Suitable for reflected light/fluorescence and transmitted light applications with Leica upright...

Motorized Stage with Integrated Controller for Leica DM4000-6000 B

  • Motorized stage with integrated, very compact controller and integrated measuring system for high-precision positioning of samples
  • Ergonomic operation...

Cross Section of FeCrAl Alloy

Material Research: Industry, Institutes, Universities

Cross Section of Multilayer for EBSD

Industrial Manufacturing: Semiconductor Industry, Research Institutes, Universities

Cross Section of Paint

Industrial Manufacturing: Research Institutes, Universities

Cross Section of Oil Shale

Natural Resources: Oil Industry, Research Institutes, Universities

Cross Section of Painted Concrete

Industrial Manufacturing

Cross Section of Cadmium sulphide (CdS) for Cathodoluminescence

Natural Resources / Industrial Manufacturing

Cross Section of Aluminia

Natural Resources: Industry, Research Institutes, Universities

Cross Section of Ni/Cu on Steel for EBSD

Material Research: Steel Industry, Research Institutes, Universities

Cross Section of Ni/Cu on Steel

Material Research: Steel Industry, Research Institutes, Universities

Cross Section of a Timing Belt

Industrial Manufacturing: Car Industry, Research Institutes, Universities

FRET with FLIM: Quantitative In-vivo Biochemistry

FLIM combines lifetime measurements with imaging: lifetimes obtained for each image pixel are color-coded to produce additional image contrast. Thus,...

Enjoy working with a Leica Medical Camera in HD

The Leica HD C100 features state-of-the-art technology and combines the finest still image photography and video capability.

Webinar "Techniques and Methods in Live-Cell Imaging"

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 12:00 PM - 13:00 PM ET

Participate in the free webinar on "Techniques and Methods in Live-Cell Imaging" and gain useful...

R&D 100 Award for Super-Resolution Microscope from Leica Microsystems

Leica SR GSD Convinces Jury with Unprecedented Performance in Fluorescence Microscopy

Looking Forward to Your Discoveries: Leica TCS SP8

Ultra-Detailed Imaging through an integrative optics concept within the full-range confocal platform

Cross Section of Basalt

Market: Geology

Microscope Images Go Mobile With New Leica DMshare App From Leica Microsystems

Wireless recording and sharing of microscope images with an iPad

The Principles of Phase Contrast - New Topic in Science Lab

One of the most frequently used contrasting methods is phase contrast. Explore our interactive tutorial on phase contrast, taking the example of an...

Live-Cell Imaging – New Topic in Leica Science Lab

Live-cell imaging covers all techniques where live cells are observed with microscopes – from the observation of embryogenesis with stereo...

New Microscope System Leica DM4000 B LED for Biomedical Research

Superior Image Quality with LED Illumination and Intelligent Automation

Quantitative Fluorescence – New Topic in Leica Science Lab

The phenomenon of fluorescence has revolutionized research in biology and medicine. A historically continuous trend is the quest for measuring and...

White Confocal – New Topic in Leica Science Lab

Fully tunable confocal microscopes are called “White Confocal”. This technology combines a white light laser source, tunable excitation filtering,...

Stereomicroscopy – New Topic in Leica Science Lab

Stereomicroscopes offer the great advantage of providing a three dimensional view of the sample. This is vitally important for understanding or...

New Microscope Camera Leica DFC550 with up to 12.5 Megapixel

New Digital Color Camera with up to 12.5 Megapixel resolution for Highest-Resolution Photomicrography.

Four Paintings Magnified: New Science Lab Article

An international research team has studied four almost identical paintings from the 16th century – four variations on the theme: Christ Driving the...

Gated STED Microscopy in Leica Science Lab

A recent investigation has revealed the benefit of using a gSTED to improve further the resolution of CW-STED and/or to reduce the STED intensity in...

Royal “STED Users”

President of Finland and Royal Swedish Couple Visit Karolinska Institute in Stockholm

Slope cut of Gold wire bonding

Market: Semiconductor Industry, Microelectronics

The image shows an SEM image of a 90° slope cut of gold wire bonding of IC-package.

Sample was...

Leica Microsystems and Fianium Have Signed Settlement & License Agreement

Effective April 1, 2012

Eyes On Cancer - Techniques for Watching Tumors Do Their Thing

Article on “The Scientist” describes the use of a Leica TCS SP5 in cancer research

Visualization of the Natural Killer Cell Immune Synapse by Super-Resolution Nanoscopy

Natural killer (NK) cells are innate immune effectors that recognize and kill virally infected and tumorigenic cells. Central to their effector...

Optogenetics - Remote Controlling the Brain and Functional Optical Imaging.

So far, stimulation of cells, especially, of neurons, has only been possible by applying chemical agents (ions, ligands, metabolites) or by...

Cross section of oil shale rock

A Step-by-Step Guide to Optimal DIC Setup

A new tutorial on Leica Science Lab shows how to set up the Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), and explains the optical elements in the light...

Top Ten Innovations 2011 - Leica SR GSD

Leica SR GSD Ranks Among „Top Ten Innovations 2011“

The Top Ten Innovations Contest, established by the magazine The Scientist, awards the “coolest life science tools to emerge in the previous year”....

The Ultimate Red Reflex - See it for yourself!

Leica Microsystems introduces with the Leica M822 ophthalmic microscope the ultimate Red Reflex in cataract surgery.

Tissue Processor Survey

What does your ideal tissue processor look like? Following our "With the user for the user" philosophy, we’ve put together a 10 minute tissue...

FLCS – Advances in Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

The characterization of substances at the single molecule level has become part of the standard repertoire of scientific research institutes.

Next Generation of Digital Microscopes: Leica DVM5000 HD and DVM2500

Mobile, Fast Digital Microscopes for Quantitative 2D and 3D Surface Measurement

Saving Energy and Cutting Costs in Microscopy

Leica Microsystems Presents Its Latest Range of Innovative LED Illumination Modules

Manufacturing Excellence Award for Leica Biosystems Nussloch

Making Work Easier for Customers with Design and Functionality

Leica Microsystems Launches the First Fully Automated One-step Dual Chromogen IHC Detection System for Use With Antibody Cocktails

The first fully automated one-step detection system allowing the co-visualization of mouse and rabbit antibodies on a single slide

License Agreement Between Leica Microsystems, the Max Planck Society and the German Cancer Research Center

Developing the Next STED Generation

FLIM-FRET in solutions: In vitro measurement of a Cerulean-Citrine biosensor

FRET has developed into a widely used tool in different research fields like biophysics, biomedical imaging, and cell biology.

Leica DM100 & DM300 - Robust Microscopes for Education

Innovation for the next Generation of Scientists. Today’s students learn best when their equipment is easy to use and constructed to be robust enough...

Brighter Images from Thick Tissues with Multiphoton Microscopy

Optimal adjustment of the correction collar allows imaging of deeper tissue sections with increased brightness and better contrast on the multiphoton...

Perfect Correction for FCS

Reliable and reproducible fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) data require a confocal volume that closely resembles the mathematical model...

Live Cell Imaging under Excellent Conditions

Live cell imaging and screening applications are mainly based on samples in aqueous solution. Water immersion objectives allow for aberration-free...

New Leica M822 Ophthalmic Microscope

Excellent Results in Cataract Surgery Due to Innovative Dual Illumination

Leica Science Lab – the Knowledge Portal for Microscopy and Histology is Online

From the basics to specific application know-how

Leica Microsystems Introduces New Transmitted-Light Bases for Stereomicroscopes

Excellent Illumination for Documentation of Single Cells to Screening of Whole Animals

Scanning Stage for Leica DM4000-6000 B Upright Research Microscopes

New motorized scanning stage 100x100 mm, developed especially for applications with upright research microscopes Leica DM4000-6000 B for automatic and...

Sep. 21: Webinar on Stem Cell Imaging

Tips, Tricks & Best Practices - You are invited to view our panel of experts on Wednesday, September 21, in this live, online educational seminar.

New Flat LED Transmitted Light Base

The perfect illumination for your imaging application Leica TL5000 Ergo

Webinar on Super-Resolution Available for Download Now

Are you interested in learning about super-resolution microscopy and research applications?

New Leica DFC365 FX Fluorescence Camera for Live Cell Imaging

Acquire Brilliant Fluorescence Images at Ultra-high Speed

Freeze-Fracture Replication of Pyramidal Cells

by Dr. Akos Kulik, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Freiburg, Germany

Mouse cerebellum

(by Dr. sc. nat. Andres Kaech, Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis, University of Zurich, Switzerland)

This Application Note describes the...

Hep-2 cells infected with Chlamydia pneumonia

(by Dr. sc. nat. Andres Kaech, Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis, University of Zürich, Switzerland)

This Application Note describes the...

BOND RX – A New IHC & ISH Research Platform

The Freedom to Discover

Webinar on Confocal Microscopy Sep 6, 2011

Research at the Frontiers of Confocal Microscopy

New Widefield Super-Resolution System for Applications in Biomedical Research

The Leica SR GSD Microscope System Visualizes Small Subcellular Structures Far Below the Diffraction Limit

New Leica ASP6025 Tissue Processor now available

Focus on Quality, Specimen Safety and Laboratory Productivity

Application with the Leica EM CPD300

(by Daniela Gruber, Core Facility for Cell Imaging and Ultrastrukturforschung, Wien, Austria)

 This Application Note describes three Experiments on


Video of Leica IMS500 HD Platform

Watch the Advantages of Our Interactive Microscopy System

Visualizing Cellular Networks

Intravital Multiphoton Imaging at High Speed

Leica EM TIC 3X - Triple Ion Beam Techniques

The Leica EM TIC 3X features three saddle field ion sources located in one assembly. This is arranged perpendicular to the sample surface, so the...

Unique U-tube carriers - See how it works ..

The use of U-tubes in the Leica EM SPF facilitates spatial separation between the area of low density ice formation (predominately in the legs) and...

Quantum Leap in Photon Efficiency

Hybrid Detector for Standard Confocal Platform

Self Pressurized Rapid Freezing (SPRF)

The Leica EM SPF is based on the principle of Self Pressurized Rapid Freezing (SPRF) (J Microsc 235, 25-35, 2009), a method based on the same...

Critical Point Drying

The procedure of critical point drying is an efficient me­thod for drying delicate samples for SEM applications. It preserves the surface structure of...

Preclinical model of organotypic culture for pharmacodynamic profiling of human tumors

Valentina Vaira, Giuseppe Fedele, Saumyadipta Pyne, Ester Fasoli, Giorgia Zadra, Dyane Bailey, Eric Snyder, Alice Faversani, Guido Coggi, Richard...

CLEM: Combining the Strengths of Light and Electron Microscopy

Dr. Paul Verkade, School of Medical Sciences, University Walk, Bristol, UK

In recent years light microscopy studies have been dominated by live cell...

Award Winning Leica BOND-III

Leica BOND-III IHC & ISH instrument wins prestigious award for innovative design. Find out how Leica Microsystems is changing the face of healthcare.

BOND-III Wins 2011 Medical Design Excellence Award

Innovative design that provides results 50% faster than previous-generation instruments

Hybrid Detection System - Leica HyD for Confocal

New Hybrid Detection System - Leica HyD for Confocal

The Road to Super-Sensitivity

Free Webinar: Applications of Confocal Microscopy and Interferometry in Surface Metrology and Inspection

Data will be presented demonstrating the capability of complementary technologies such as Confocal Microscopy and Interferometry for surface metrology...

Leica Microsystems and Definiens Announce Co-Marketing in the Area of Drug Discovery Research

Collaboration will Complete Confocal Data Acquisition with Advanced Analysis in High-Content Screening

Where is my order?

Up-to-date information for Leica Microsystems customers on deliverability and adverse effects of the earthquake in Japan

CEMOVIS of Yeast


The sections are of yeast frozen with a Leica EM HPM100 in the copper tube system, the cell paste was mixed with a pH 6.5 MES/dextran...

New Educational Microscopes Combine High-Quality Optics with Smart Details

For the Experts of the Future

Marburg University Tests New Generation of Light Microscopes from Leica Microsystems

Super-Resolution Microscopy in Life Science Research

Marburg University Tests New Generation of Light Microscopes from Leica Microsystems

Super-Resolution Microscopy in Life Science Research

On-screen analysis: Review captured cells on-screen

CytoVision® on-screen analysis supports a variety of applications in brightfield and fluorescence. Captured cells are fed to desk-top review stations...

Case Study: Business plan for new way of working

Data courtesy of Angela Douglas, Director Medical Genetics Laboratory Service

Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Unit, Cheshire and Merseyside, UK

Case Study: Automation in Cytogenomics

Data courtesy of Shashikant Kulkarni M.S. (Medicine), PhD., FACMG Director of Cytogenomics and Molecular Pathology

Washington University in St.Louis,...

Case Study: Implementation into a diagnostics lab

Data courtesy of Dale Wright, Cytogenetics Laboratory, Sydney Genetics, Sydney IVF Limited, Australia

Case Study: Evaluation of efficiency gains using automated scanning and capture technology

Data courtesy of Leah Weems, BS, CLSp (CG) Angela Fylak, BA

Sonora Quest Laboratories, Tempe, Arizona, USA

Case Study: Automating scanning and capture followed by on-screen analysis — measuring the impact on laboratory services

West of Scotland Regional Cytogenetics Service

Data courtesy of L. Monkman, J. Colgan, L. Crawford, M. Campbell, G. Lowther, Cytogenetics Laboratory,...

Case Study: Comparisons of Work hours, TAT and Abnormality rate: 60 days before and after GSL-120 use

University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE Data courtesy of Bhavana J. Dave, PhD, FACMG, Munroe Meyer Institute, NE, USA

Case Study: Implementing automated scanning and capture to reduce backlog

Data courtesy of Victoria J. Anthony-Dubernet, Clinical Cytogeneticist, South West Thames Regional Genetics Service, St. Georges Hospital, London, UK

Check each Product as if it will be used to operate on you

Precise Quality Control of Microsurgical Instruments

Leica SD AF – the Integrated Confocal Spinning Disk Solution

Confocal System for Imaging Fast Biological Processes

Leica ST4020 Linear Stainer: When Minutes Count

Quickly and easily stain surgical frozen sections with the Leica ST4020 Linear Stainer.

3D Visualisation

Vertical resolution in the balance between numerical aperture and depth of field

Enthralled by classical color

Everyone has admired the brilliant white marble of classical statues. However, new scientific research now reveals that Greek and Roman statues were...

A Contribution to Laboratory Hygiene

Bacteria are part of our world. There are countless numbers of them in the human body and they are completely harmless. But in people with a weak...

Leica VZ700 C - One Lens for macro to micro

The new Leica VZ700 C zoom lens has a 7:1 zoom in combination with three fixed mount objectives on a turret to provide an effective zoom range of...

Cutting Edge Precision

Vibrating blade microtomes are used to produce monolayer or thick sections of fixed or fresh tissue under physiological conditions without freezing or...

Knife Angle in Microtomy

Tips & Tricks in Sample Preparation

New HD Products from Leica Microsystems

Bringing High Definition Imaging into the Classroom

New HD Products from Leica Microsystems

Bringing High Definition Imaging into the Classroom

Simple, Safe and Efficient Tissue Processing

Leica ASP300 S Tissue Processor

Leica Cryostats: Reduced Infection Risk

UVC disinfection effective for destroying clinically relevant pathogens

Improving Laboratory Workflow

Good results with automated printing systems integrated in LIMS

Leica TCS SP5 MP with Fully Integrated OPO Extends Application Range of Multiphoton Microscopy

A powerful tool for in vivo imaging.

Get a grip – Automated coverslipping just got easier

Automated coverslipping is now more reliable and flexible with the innovative new slide handling system for the Leica CV5030 glass coverslipper.

Discovering Cellular Morphology Beyond the Diffraction Limit

Confocal Nanoscopy Goes Multicolor

The “Secret” of Lean Histology™

Lean – everybody has heard of it and we would all like to have the claimed productivity benefits, but does it work for real-world histopathology? ...

Everything in view – Field volume as a new quality criterion in stereomicroscopy

Author: Meinrad Berchtel, Stefan Bogner – Leica Microsystems (Schweiz) AG

New Manual Rotary Microtome - Focus on Essentials

Accurate diagnosis as a result of high-quality paraffin sections

Leica M720 FL400 IntenseBlue

Oncological Fluorescence with Leica M720 FL400 IntenseBlue and Leica M525 FL400 DoubleBlue

High-quality HD fluorescence videos in 5-ALA blue and standard white light mode - Exclusively available from Leica Microsystems.

What is an OPO?

Imaging thick tissue sections as well as whole animals plays a growing role in life science research. Obtaining spatial information in deep tissue...

Looking for Rare Cells or Cellular Events?

In many cell biology studies it is essential to identify and analyze a specific event or cell in order to understand the behavior of the cellular...

Education courses at McCrone Research Institute

Leica Microsystems is proud to be part of the continuing education courses at McCrone Research Institute (McRI) in Chicago, IL.

High Pressure Freezing and Follow-on Techniques for Research Biology

Online Semiar/Webinar on "High Pressure Freezing and Follow-on Techniques for Research Biology"

Deep Tissue Imaging - From Visible to IR Wavelengths

Embryonic development relies on genetic coding and non-coding informations. In particular, physical forces generated by blood flow are critical for...

Explore Life in All Dimensions

Leica Microsystems has now developed a Leica DMI6000 B with Adaptive Focus Control (AFC) for researchers who demand consistent multidimensional...

Maximize your workflow efficiencies

The compact Leica LP C cassette printer:

Patient Safety with Cognitive Cxi Printer and Leica Universal Labels

Streamline your workflow by printing on-demand to reduce turnaround times and deliver better patient care.

Leica HCS A – the Platform for Primary and Secondary Screening

High-Content Screening Automation for Confocal and Widefield Microscopy

Surgipath Consumables Catalog available for download

Choose the ideal consumables for your laboratory!

Virtual Microscopy: Improving the Laboratory Workflow

The use of virtual microscopy continually grows across a broad spectrum, from education and research, to clinical applications. Virtual microscopy...

New Leica DMI6000 B with Adaptive Focus Control (AFC)

Explore Life in All Dimensions

Online Seminar/Webinar on Multiphoton Excitation and Deep Imaging Applications

The Solution for Deep Imaging – Leica Multiphoton Confocal System

HER2 Theranostic Training Comes to You

Leica Microsystems continues their commitment to education with a new web-based training course for the Bond™ Oracle™ HER2 IHC System. This new...

New Integrated Solutions for Capturing, Managing, and Analyzing Virtual Data

Leica Microsystems Extends its Product Portfolio in Virtual Microscopy

Interesting video "Intravenous microinjection of zebrafish larvae to study acute kidney injury"

This video article describes a zebrafish model of acute kidney injury (AKI) upon intravenous microinjection of a nephrotoxicant.

User Friendly, Safe, Ecological

Leica DM500 Educational Microscope Wins Worlddidac Award 2010

Total Histology Solutions

New Brochure Showcases Histology Solutions

Correlative Light Electron Microscopy (CLEM) Using High Pressure Freezing

"Combining live imaging with high resolution electron microscopy is a real challenge!"

Superior Cryopreparation of Biological and Industrial Samples - Commercially available hand creams


Hand creams having different water contents were applied into the 100 µm cavities of two 3 mm type A sample carriers which were then...

Superior Cryopreparation of Biological and Industrial Samples - Mint leaves

Protocol: Peppermint leaves were mounted on a Leica EM VCT100 sample stage with tissue-tec and then frozen by partially immersing the stage block in...

Sniffing Out the Secrets of Social Behavior

Prof. Marc Spehr on the New Understanding of Olfactory Neurosensorics

2010 Journal of Histopathology – reAGENTS

3rd edition - Articles in this edition have been submitted from pathologists and scientists from key institutions in the United States, the United...

Leica M320 F12 Microscope for ENT Applications

High-Tech Made Affordable

Leica Microsystems Adds Routine Stereomicroscope Leica M60 to Its Successful M Series

The latest high-performance generation of the well-known Leica M series

Uniform Sections - Cool!

Leica RM CoolClamp: Improved workflow, uniform paraffin sections, energy efficient cooling system, and antistatic material allows fast cleaning

HepG2 - human hepatoma cell line

(by Prof. Torrisi, Laura Leone, H.S. Andrea, Roma, Italy)

This Application Note describes the preparation method

"HepG2 - human hepatoma cell line" ...

Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA)

(by Daniele Spehner, INSERM, Strasbourg, France)

This Application Note describes the preparation method

"Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA)" ...

Mouse pancreas

(by Hong Yi, Emory School of Medicine, Microscopy Core Laboratory, Atlanta, GA, USA)

Rat pancreatic tissue

Rat pancreatic tissue

(by George Posthuma, University Medical Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

This Application Note describes the preparation method

"Rat pancreatic...

HELA cell

(by George Posthuma, University Medical Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Silver heater in a heated window

Industrial Manufacturing: Car Industry

Rat liver embedded in LR white resin - Immuno labelling of Catalase - Detecded with Goat anti-rabbit

Rat liver embedded in LR white resin

(by Bruno M. Humbel, Molecular Cell Biology, Faculty of Biology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

This Application Note describes the preparation...

Human Dendritic Cell

(by Daniele Spehner, INSERM, Strasbourg, France)

This Application Note describes the preparation method

"Human Dendritic Cell"

using the <link...

Immuno Labelling of Catalase on Liver Sections

(by Bruno M. Humbel, Molecular Cell Biology, Faculty of Biology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

This Application Note describes the preparation...

Sensofar-Tech and Leica Microsystems Expand Cooperation Agreement in Innovative Surface Metrology

Leica DCM 3D Measuring Microscope Combines Confocal Microscopy and Interferometry for Contact-Free Surface Measurement

Remote diagnostic service for the histology lab with Leica RemoteCare

A value-added solution that helps you deliver better patient care.

CONTROL 2010: Leica Microsystems presents innovative technologies for 3D surface analysis and particle measurement

Innovative Technologies for 3D Surface Analysis and Particle Measurement.

Bond Aspirating Probe Cleaning System

Trina Lum, Senior Scientist, Immunohistochemistry, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (Sydney, Australia)

New Tool to Amplify the Power of Confocal Imaging

Leica HCS A – High Content Screening Automation

Scientia Education Series: Microtomy and Paraffin Section Preparation

Online educational publication

Leica HCS A for Automated High Content Screening

Amplify the Power of Imaging

New Line of Digital Microscopes

The portable digital microscopes Leica DVM5000, DVM3000, and DVM2000 perform fast, high-quality quantitative 2D and 3D surface measurements.

New Line of Digital Microscopes: Leica DVM5000, DVM3000, and DVM2000

Portable Digital Microscopes Perform Fast, High-quality Quantitative 2D and 3D Surface Measurements

Microwave embedding in araldite

(by Y. Schwab, IGBMC, Illkirch, France)

This Application Note describes the preparation method

"Microwave embedding in araldite"

using the <link...

First Leica TCS STED CW Inaugurated

Fruitful Cooperation between the Italian Institute of Technology and Leica Microsystems

Creating Virtual Slides: The Principle of Digital Slide Scanners

Slide scanners – as they are used since some years in modern laboratories – produce digital images of scientific slides, which have been investigated...

High Content Screening Automation for Confocal Microscopy

Amplify the Power of Imaging

Webinar High Content Screening (HCS)
Thursday 18th February

- Dr. Christian Conrad, screening microscopy, AMLF,...

The Fast Track to Superresolution

Leica TCS STED CW resolves structures smaller than 80 nm – with purely optical methods. Live cell imaging below the diffraction limit!

CD20 CD3 double stain

Code Red – an Exciting Advance in High-Contrast Clinical IHC/ISH

Leica Microsystems has announced the worldwide release of the new Bond Polymer Refine Red Detection™ system.

Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D. to Join Leica Microsystems’ Parent Company Board of Directors

Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Microsystems’ parent company, Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR), based in Washington, D.C., announced today that its Board of...

Leica IC80 HD: High-definition camera for fast, reliable and ergonomic sample screening

Leica IC80 HD – Integrated High-Definition Microscope Camera

Heerbrugg, Switzerland. The new Leica IC80 HD high-definition camera from Leica Microsystems offers an easy start to the world of full HD microscopy....

New Digital Camera for Fluorescence Applications

Leica DFC345 FX – High Speed, Sensitivity and Resolution

Reveal the Secrets in the Depth with the New Leica HCX APO L20x/0.95 IMM

The Dedicated BABB Objective Lens for Neuroscience and Developmental Biology

Contamination-free FRET using FLIM λ stacks

Example of FLIM-FRET application

Host Pathogen Interaction – Identification of Invading Hyphae in Tomato Fruit

Example of SP FLIM application

BrainLAB First to Market with Integration of Leica Microsystems M720 OH5 Microscope for its Image-Guided Surgery Products

Westchester, IL, USA / Heerbrugg, Switzerland. BrainLAB and Leica Microsystems today announced the integration of BrainLAB Image-Guided Surgery (IGS)...

Investigation of Nano-Environment

Protein activity is often affected by the local environment, in particular by pH, ion concentration, and polarity.

The SMD FLIM wizard: complex experiments easily run

The SMD FLIM wizard is a special part of the confocal software LAS AF.

Precise analysis of particle transport and molecular binding with the Leica TCS SMD FLIM

The Leica TCS SMD FLIM is a dedicated system for FLIM measurements. These measurements reveal information about the direct neighborhood of molecules...

Analysis of molecular binding in living cells with FCCS

FCCS facilitates the analysis of molecular binding.

FCS Application: Concentration Mapping

The SMD FCS wizard is a special part of the confocal software LAS AF which guides the user intuitively through the whole FCS experiment.

The SMD FCS wizard: quantitative <i>in vivo</i> cell biology made easy

The SMD FCS wizard is a special part of the confocal software LAS AF which guides the user intuitively through the whole FCS experiment.

Precise analysis of particle transport and molecular binding - with the Leica TCS SMD FCS

The Leica TCS SMD FCS  is a dedicated system for reliable acquisition and analysis of FCS  and FCCS data. Both methods focus on quantitative analysis...

Slide Scanner Leica SCN400

Fast, Efficient and Reliable – Slide Scanner Leica SCN400 for Optimal Histological Examinations

Leica IMS500 Interactive Microscopy System

Leica IMS500 Interactive Microscopy System

Teacher Friendly – Student Interactive

One Pathologist’s Approach to Teaching Frozen Sectioning

Anyone who has visited Dr. Peter’s website tutorial on frozen section technique knows that he is a true believer in the brush technique. Let’s learn...

All in One: A Single Platform to Study the Dynamics of Cellular Processes

Quantify Life with the New Leica TCS SMD Series

Resin Histology Methods for Stented Arteries

Comparison of Processing and Sectioning Methodologies for Arteries Containing Metallic Stents

Principle & use of the Leica SP1600 saw microtome

Slices of very hard materials can be prepared without destroying the morphology of the specimens for the use in light microscopical investigation and...

Quantitative Serial Sectioning Analysis

Three-dimensional Characterization of Dendritic Microstructures

Acta Materialia, Vol. 49, (2001), pp. 897-902

This article shows how this technology can be used: a metallic microstructure is serial-sectioned and...

Cross Section of Glass Fibres Reinforced Polyamide

Market: Polymer Industry, Research Institutes, Universities

This Application Note describes the preparation method

"Cross Section of Glass Fibres...

Balanced break method

For producing a straight, controlled break in a strip of scientific-quality glass it is necessary to apply equal weight and pressure to each side of...

Cross Section of Solar Cells

Market: Solar Energy Companies, Material Research Institutes

This Application Note describes the preparation method

"Cross Section of Solar Cells" ...

Cross Section of Soft Cardboard

Market: Paper Industry, Research Institutes

This Application Note describes the preparation method

"Cross Section of Soft Cardboard"

using the...

Ion polished Cross Section of IC Gold Wire Bonding

Cleaning and Ion Polishing of Soft Metals (AgSnCu-Oxide)

Epoxy resin embedding of mouse tissue

LR white embedding of mouse intestine

(by Y. Schwab, IGBMC, Illkirch, France)

This Application Note describes the preparation method

 "LR white embedding of mouse intestine"

using the...

Nicotiana tabacum (L.) cv. Samsun nn

(by Mag. Dr. Bernd Zechmann and Univ. Prof. Dr. Günther Zellnig, Institut für Pflanzenwissenschaften, Universität Graz, Austria)

This Application...

Picea abies (L.) KARST

(by Mag. Dr. Bernd Zechmann and Univ. Prof. Dr. Günther Zellnig, Institut für Pflanzenwissenschaften Universität Graz, Austria)

This Application Note...

Embedding of murine fibroblasts grown on Aclar plastics for TEM

Application with Leica EM tp

Ion polished Cross Section of Gold Wire Bonding

Cross Section of a Solder Ball on a Cu/Ni Pad

Epoxy resin embedding of Arabidopsis

Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) accession Col-0

(by Mag. Dr. Bernd Zechmann and Univ. Prof. Dr. Günther Zellnig, Institut für Pflanzenwissenschaften, Universität Graz, Austria)

This Application...

parts2clean 2009: Leica Cleanliness Expert for Quantitative Particle Analysis

Wetzlar, Germany. Quantitative cleanliness analysis is a technique which manufacturers in many industries are being forced to apply due to new quality...

Improved Platform for Confocal and Two Photon Microscopy

The New Leica TCS SP5 II: Fast Frame Rates, Best Resolution and Depth Imaging with Full Multi-channel Capabilities

New Water Immersion Micro Dispenser

Automatic Supply of Water Immersion During Experiments

Leica FS4000 - Comparison Microscope

Forensic Microscopes for crime scene and trace evidence investigation and documentation

There is no crime without clues, but many of these silent witnesses only become eloquent evidence after specific investigation on several levels.

Leica Mechanical Manipulator

Configuration for adherent Cell injection with Leica DMI4000 B and Leica Manipulator

Offering bright field and dark field contrast, Integrated modulation contrast (IMC), polarization contrast and DIC, the inverted microscope is...

Leica DMI4000 B

Configuration for adherent Cell injection with Leica DMI4000 B and Eppendorf NK2

Offering bright field and dark field contrast, Integrated modulation contrast (IMC), polarization contrast and DIC, the inverted microscope is...

DNA injection configuration with Leica Manipulator

Offering bright field and dark field contrast, Integrated modulation contrast (IMC), polarization contrast and DIC, the inverted microscope is...

Leica DMI3000 B

Configuration for ES Cell injection with Eppendorf NK2

Offering bright field and dark field contrast, Integrated modulation contrast (IMC), polarization contrast and DIC, the inverted microscope is...

Leica DMI3000 B

Configuration for ES Cell injection with Leica Manipulator

Offering bright field and dark field contrast, Integrated modulation contrast (IMC), polarization contrast and DIC, the inverted microscope is...

Leica M165 C with Narishige micromanipulator

Micromanipulators for Leica Microsystems Stereomicroscopes

Typical experiments: Microinjection into

  • Xenopus oocytes, Embryos of Zebrafish, C-Elegans, Killifish, etc.

Typical application:

  • Developmental...

Basic ICSI configuration with Leica Mechanical Micromanipulators

Compact inverted Microscope, with extremely ergonomic design Leica DM IL

PGD configuration with Eppendorf NK2

Eppendorf NK2

Hatching configuration with Eppendorf NK2

Leica DMI3000 B
Offering bright field and dark field contrast, Integrated modulation contrast (IMC), polarization contrast and DIC, the inverted...

ICSI configuration with Eppendorf NK2

Leica DMI3000 B
Offering bright field and dark field contrast, Integrated modulation contrast (IMC), polarization contrast and DIC, the inverted...

DNA Injection configuration with Eppendorf NK2

Offering bright field and dark field contrast, Integrated modulation contrast (IMC), polarization contrast and DIC, the inverted microscope is...

Ultramilling of dental specimens

Routine microtomy is sometimes not sufficient to produce the desired results of a sample for microscopic examination. Samples may be too hard or too...

A technique for the staining of large tape-mounted sections

This application brief presents a reliable, modified haematoxylin and eosin (HE) staining procedure for tape-mounted rat sections commonly used in...

Ramipril: Autoradiographic studies on transfer and binding sites of (3H) - Ramiprilat in the rat brain

Ramipril is a new angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor. The compound is an esterified prodrug which, upon absorption, is hydrolysed to the...

The localization of Nerve Cell Antigens in rat brain with the Leica VT1000 vibrating blade microtome

Immunohistochemistry is an important research method to study the central nervous system (CNS). During the last three decades, different...

Near-monolayer sectioning of live CNS tissue

The in-situ study of sections of living tissue maintained in-vitro is a powerful method to elucidate many aspects of cellular and network function in...

An improved method for preparing thick sections for immuno/histochemistry and confocal microscopy and its use to identify rare events

(P. Monaghan, P.R. Watson, H. Cook, L. Scott, T.S. Wallis, D.Robertson - Journal of Microscopy, August 2001).

Detection of rare events within solid...

Patch-clamp recording in brain slices with improved slicer technology

J. R. P. Geiger · J. Bischofberger · I. Vida · U. Fröbe S. Pfitzinger · H. J. Weber · K. Haverkampf · P. Jonas

The use of advanced patch-clamp...

TEST Ultrathin CNS slices: Enhanced visualization of neuron structure for electrophysiology and imaging (Kopie 1)

L. Song, M. Sawchuk, & S. Hochman. Dept. Physiology, Univ. of Manitoba. Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3E 0W3. E-mail:


Piece of cartilage from the hip of a mouse were cryofixed with the Leica EM PACT and freeze-substituted in acetone containing 0,5 % glutaraldehyde and...

Meaningful Results without Effort - LAS Image Analysis for Automatic Analysis of Multiple Image Features

Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Microsystems has released a new module within the Leica Application Suite (LAS): LAS Image Analysis is a sophisticated...

Leica Microsystems GmbH Licensed Patents from Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH

Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Microsystems GmbH and Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH announce that Leica licensed from Carl Zeiss the following patents on which...

Australian Geological Survey Organisation: Oil & Gas

As part of its work in studying oceans and coasts, AGSO - Geoscience Australia provides research and advice on petroleum prospects, reserves and...

Atlas of Plants and Animals in Baltic Amber

By W. Weitschat & W. Wichard: This atlas opens a window onto the world of Baltic amber and the Eocene amber forests.

About 650 typical plants and...

Leica Cleanliness Expert for Quantitative Particle Analysis

Cleanliness, the Key to Reliability

The Kamupau Project - Approaches to Contemporary Rock Art Recording and Conservation in Southern California

The Kamupau project is a multifaceted approach to rock art recording and conservation.

With a program of comprehensive photography, computerized...

New techniques of illustrating microfossils using virtual reality

Leica MZ6 Stereomicroscope in Micropaleontology

An important aspect of microfossil research and documentation is the adequate illustration of...

A sample from the Moon!

Leica MZ12 stereomicroscope and automated Leica MZ16 A at the Mineralogical-Geological Museum Oslo

The Geologisk museum, Universitetet i Oslo has a...

Laboratory Ergonomics

Laboratory researchers are at risk for repetitive motion injuries during routine laboratory procedures such as pipetting, working at microscopes,...

Ergonomics applied to improving microscopy workstations

Ergonomics is not a slogan; it is a fundamental theme, which relates to the well-being of the individual when at work.

If basic ergonomic principles...

Saving Energy and Cutting Costs in Microscopy

Leica Microsystems Presents Innovative LED Illumination Modules at SMT 2009

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae were grown to stationary phase.

The Largest Ready-to-Use Antibody Range Grows Even Larger

Addition of seven important new antibodies to the largest ready-to-use (RTU) antibody range

NEW Novocastra™ Reference Range™

Newcastle, United Kingdom / Melbourne, Australia. Leica Microsystems is pleased to announce the release of the new Novocastra™ Reference Range™.

Control 2009: Leica Microsystems Presents Innovative Nanotechnology for Contact-Free Surface Measurement

3D Measuring Microscope With Confocal Microscopy and Interferometry

Leica Microsystems Has Acquired Surgipath Medical Industries, Inc.

Expansion of Leica Microsystems’ broad histology product range

Dedicated Press Hails Leica TCS SP5 X Supercontinuum Confocal as One of the Best Innovations of 2008

According to The Scientist, the Leica TCS SP5 X Supercontinuum Confocal Microscope is one of the most innovative products on the Life Science market.

Leica Microsystems and MDS Analytical Technologies Announce Availability of Leica MM AF Imaging Systems

New Product Line Offers Researchers Enhanced Functionality for Wide-Field Imaging

Leica Microsystems Wins PRODEX AWARD for FusionOpticsTM

Leica Microsystems has won a PRODEX AWARD 2008 for the development of FusionOptics™.

Leica M525 F20 – a Surgical Microscope Finger-light to Move

Microsurgery in various disciplines such as neuro-, spine- or ENT surgery requires the highest level of expertise and concentration on part of the...

Leica M80 Routine Stereomicroscope

Leica M50 and M80 Routine Stereomicroscopes – A Fresh Face for the Laboratory and Production Line

The new Leica M80 and M50 stereomicroscopes complete the latest, powerful generation of the well-known Leica M series. Featuring superlative optical...

New Antibodies Added to the Largest Ready-to-Use Antibody Range Available

The Bond RTU range includes over 100 clinically relevant antibodies, making it the largest RTU range available. With a simple four-step process, it is...

Fluorescence Microscopy in a New Light with Modern LED Illumination

The new Leica SFL4000 and SFL100 LED illumination systems offer superlative image quality for fluorescence applications while being maintenance-free,...

First Inverted Routine Microscope with LED Light Source

Leica DM IL LED Combines Brilliant Optics with Innovative Illumination

Leica Microsystems Strengthens its Position in the Neurosciences

With the purchase of the US company Coretech Holdings LLC, which is based in St. Louis, Missouri, Leica Microsystems was able to significantly extend...

Leica Scientific Forum – Events in Heidelberg, London and Paris

Series of Scientific Lectures Goes International and Multimedia

Leica Microsystems Launches Branding Campaign

‘Living up to Life’ – New Forward-Looking Claim

Leica Microsystems acquires Coretech Holdings/McCormick Scientific

Instruments and Consumables for Histopathology

New Company Acquisition by Leica Microsystems

The Most Comprehensive Product Portfolio for Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation

The Only Confocal Microscope that Adapts to the Sample

Full Freedom and Flexibility in Emission and Excitation with the New Leica TCS SP5 X Supercontinuum Confocal

The World’s Most Compact Neurosurgical Microscope with Horizontal Optics

Patented mobility concept and greatest overhead maneuverability

Leica Microsystems Acquires US Company Cell Analysis

Imaging Software for Histopathology

Leica Microsystems Enlarges Product Portfolio through Company Acquisition

Life Optics belongs now to Leica Microsystems

Ultrafast, High-Resolution Fluorescence Image Recording

New High-speed Camera System for Live Cell Research

The New Leica CM1950

The Cryostat for High Quality Sections, User Safety and Efficient Workflows

Brilliant, Easy Imaging at the Speed of Light!

The perfect imaging solution for all scientific research: the new generation Leica Digital Microscopes for biological and materials sciences

The perfect imaging solution for scientific research

Leica DMI3000 B – the universal, inverted microscope for live cell imaging

parts2clean 2007: Leica Microsystems Presents Optimized Application Package for Dirt Particle Analysis

Useful in industry and pharmaceuticals for measuring particles and checking cleanrooms

Leica Microsystems Acquires the Rights to Sell Former Vision BioSystems Products in Sweden

Establishing a stronger European sales organization for the efficient support of pathology and diagnostics business

Leica Microsystems to Sell Expression Pathology’s Non-Contact Microdissection Slides

Leica LMD6000 and DIRECTOR™ Slides: A Perfect Match

Patent Infringement Litigation Settled

Patent Infringement Litigation Settled Between Leica Microsystems and Ventana Medical Systems Inc.

Leica Microsystems Launches New Generation of Digital Recording Systems worldwide

Guaranting a constantly high standard of process quality

Leica Microsystems’ new Biosystems Division

Product Portfolio for the Entire Histo-Pathology Process from One Source

Prepare Specimens Better, Faster, and More Accurately

New Specimen Trimmer for Transmission Electron Microscopy

Pinpoint Preparation Instrument for SEM, TEM and Industrial Light Microscopy Specimen Preparation

Vienna, Austria. The Leica EM TXP, a one-of-a-kind precision instrument for preparing cross sections, unites four machining technologies in one...

A New Dimension in Imaging – from Single Cell to Whole Organisms

Introduction of the new integrated Confocal Fixed Stage Microscope Leica DM6000 CFS for physiology and electrophysiology applications

New Leica SD6000 Spinning Disk Confocal Provides Real Time Imaging of Biological Processes in Live Cells

Ultra fast image acquisition with minimum sample exposure

New: Leica AM TIRF MC Multi-color TIRF System for Flexible, Dynamic Live Cell Research

Leica Provides a Unique Fast Frame Rate and Fast Wavelength Switching Without Changing Penetration Depth

Harvard Office of Technology Development and Leica Microsystems Sign Licensing Agreement for CARS Microscopy Technology

Technology Being Developed to Expand the Power of Optical Microscopes, Enhancing Scientists’ Ability to Image Molecules in Living Cells and Organisms

Leica Microsystems’ New DM1000 LED Microscope With Long-lasting LED Illumination for Clinical and Biomedical Laboratories

Mycroscopy – Designed to Adapt to Every User

CONTROL 2007: Leica Microsystems Presents Further System Solution Developments

Measured Cleanliness – from Raw Material to the Finished Product

Leica Microsystems Opens New Subsidiary in Belgium

To handle directly sales and after-sales support

Veeco and Leica Microsystems Announce Life Science Collaboration

Powerful opportunity to move the bioscience community forward

Leica M525 OH4

Leica M525 OH4 – New Dimensions in Ergonomics, Maneuverability and Safety

New Microscope for Neurosurgery

New Vibrating Blade Microtomes from Leica Microsystems

Protecting Delicate Specimens

Leica Microsystems Develops Stefan Hell’s Award-Winning STED Microscope

Overcoming the 130-year-old Abbe limit in the fluorescence microscope

Leica M620 F18 Combines Precision With Compact Design and Easy Operation

New Microscope for Eye Surgery

Compact Digital Recording System for Microsurgery

The New Leica MDRS3 Offers Precision and Flexibility in any Detail

MEDICA 2006 – New Products for Medical Applications

Highlights: Innovative Network Solution for Pathologists and New Surgical Microscopes for Neurosurgeons and Ophthalmologists

Leica Microsystems at the MTQ 2006

From All-in-One Systems for Steel Purity Testing to Universal Microscopy Systems for Quality Control

Crystal Clear Imaging and State-of-the-Art Functionality

New Series of Polarizing Microscopes from Leica Microsystems for Geosciences and Industry

Excellent Diagnostics with a New Degree of Freedom

Leica Microsystems Launches Network Solution for Histopathologists

Leica LAS, the New Powerful Software Concept

Providing an easy to use and consistent platform

Innovative Development in Fluorescence Simplifies Complex Microscopy Method

New TIRF System Solution from Leica Microsystems

Control 2006: Leica Microsystems Presents New System Solutions

Controlled Cleanliness in Industrial Quality Assurance

Spectacular Imaging and Affordable Excellence

The New Leica TCS SPE - Unique in its Class of Confocal Microscopes

Leica Microsystems Introduces New TL Transmitted-Light Bases for Stereomicroscopes

Innovative halogen illumination system

License Agreement between Leica Microsystems and Koheras A/S

Supercontinuum Light Sources from Germany and Denmark

Leica ST5020 Multistainer Workstation

A Truly Integrated, Fully Automated Staining/Coverslipping System

Ozone-free and Non-toxic: Leica CM1900 Rapid Sectioning Cryostat Now with UVC Disinfection: Leica CM1900 UV!

Nussloch, Germany

Application Suite Powers Up Broadband Confocal

Mannheim, Germany

Leica M820 F19: Best vision counts

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Leica Microsystems at Productronica 2005

Munich, Germany

Leica Microsystems launches rugged system microscope for industrial use - Leica DM2500 M

Wetzlar, Germany

Experience a new level of speed - The Leica LMD6000

Wetzlar, Germany

Leica IC D - Compact High-Performance Camera For Professional Imaging

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

The Integrated Live Cell Workstation Leica AF6000 LX

Mannheim, Germany

The New Leica TCS SP5 - The Only Broadband Confocal

Mannheim, Germany

The New Fluorescence Imaging System Leica AF6000

Mannheim, Germany

Leica M844 F19: Little sister – superb performance

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

New Systems for Freeze Substitution by Leica Microsystems

Vienna, Austria

The New Leica EM PACT2 High Pressure Freezer

Vienna, Austria

Danaher Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Leica Microsystems

Washington, D.C. / Wetzlar, Germany

The World’s Only: Interactive Leica 3D System For Microscopy

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

New Leica Swing Arm Stands for Leica Stereomicroscopes

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Increased Throughput for Clinical Microscopy Based on Intelligent Automation

Wetzlar, Germany

Leica Microsystems Expands Range of Inverted Research Microscopes

Wetzlar, Germany

Leica Microsystems Launches New Inverted Digital Microscope for Industrial Applications

Wetzlar, Germany

Leica M844 F19

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Ozone-free and Non-toxic: Leica CM1850 UV Cryostat with UVC Disinfection

Nussloch, Germany

One Brand - Three Independent Companies

Wetzlar, Germany

Major Research Labs Select 4Pi Microscopes

Mannheim, Germany

Automatically more efficient: Leica Z6 APO A & Z16 APO A, motorized zoom systems

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Fluorescence from 3D to High Resolution: Leica FluoCombi III™

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Leica StereoExplorer creates quantifiable 3D surface models from 2D image pairs

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Leica Microsystems Launches Microscopy Platform for Comfortable, Efficient Use

Wetzlar, Germany

New Intelligent Inverted Digital Microscope for State-of-the-art Research

Wetzlar, Germany

Leica Ceiling Solutions for Ophthalmology

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Leica RM2265 High-performance Microtome Launched

Nussloch, Germany

Dr. David Martyr New Board Member of Leica Microsystems AG

Wetzlar, Germany

Leica Microsystems Exclusive Autostainer XL Workstation Offers Full Automation

Nussloch, Germany

Enter the Fluorescence Nano-World: First Commercial 4Pi Microscope

Mannheim, Germany

New Heatable Forceps Station Leica EG F Released

Nussloch, Germany

High Performance Microtome Leica RM2235

Nussloch, Germany

Fast Confocal FRAP - Data on the Fly

Mannheim, Germany

Leica CV Ultra – Environmentally Friendly and Safe Mounting Medium

Nussloch, Germany

New Product Program for Clinical Histopathology

Nussloch, Germany

Leica Microsystems Increases Market Orientation

Wetzlar, Germany

Leica Z6 APO & Z16 APO The most modular 6.3:1 and 16:1 zoom systems

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Another Member in the New Rotary Microtome Family for Clinical Histopathology: Leica RM2245.

Nussloch, Germany

Leica EM UC6

Vienna, Austria

Setting New Standards in Cryosectioning

Vienna, Austria

New Illumination Source for Confocal Imaging

Mannheim, Germany

Motorized Rotary Microtome Leica RM2255 for Histopathology Broadly Fulfills User Wishes

Nussloch, Germany

Analytical Biology: FCS and FLIM Extensions of Confocal Microscopy

Mannheim, Germany

Analytical Biology by Leica: "MicroLab" Confocal Software

Mannheim, Germany

Leica D2D V3

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Innovative Rottermann Contrast™: The Invisible made Visible

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Efficient, Effective, Easy-to-use: Leica L5 FL Cold Light Fluorescence System

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Leica EM IGL

Vienna, Austria

Interesting and Informative!

Schlieren, Zurich - Switzerland

Affordable Confocal Workhorse - The Leica TCS SL

Mannheim, Germany

Leica Microsystems Introduces New Forensic Microscope Systems

Wetzlar, Germany

Freeze Fracture System

Vienna, Austria

Early Microscopes and the Discovery of the Cell

In his video talk Joseph Gall takes us through the history of compound microscopes.

Leica Microsystems Brings Revolutionary Microscopy Platform to Market

Wetzlar, Germany

Do yo need a high throughput from your EM Tissue Processor?

Vienna, Austria

High Pressure Freezing of Cell Monolayers for Electron Microscopy

Vienna, Austria

High Pressure Freezing of Tissue Biopsies for Electron Microscopy

Vienna, Austria

FRET Application for Confocal Microscopy

Mannheim, Germany

Violet Laser and Lambda-Blue Objectives

Mannheim, Germany

Leica MA TS – Thermocontrolled stages for Microscopes

Sydney, Australia

Redesigning of the entry-level microtome series Leica RM2125/Leica RM2125 RT

Nussloch, Germany

New Glycerol Objective Delivers Superior Resolution and Depth Imaging in Confocal Microscopy

Mannheim, Germany

Leica Introduces DM EP Polarizing Microscope

Wetzlar, Germany / Buffalo, NY, USA

New: "Dye Finder" Eliminates Crosstalk in Confocal Microscopy without Spectral Data Stacks

Mannheim, Germany

The New Leica Glass-on-glass Coverslipper for Histology and Cytology

Sydney, Australia

Leica Microsystems Launches Leica CW4000 High Resolution Cytogenetics Imaging Solution

Sydney, Australia

New: Leica MZ16 and MZ16 A high-tech stereomicroscopes

Sydney, Australia

Leica Microsystems Extends Its Microtome Range

Nussloch, Germany

Free Software for the Leica EM TP

Vienna, Austria

New Glass-on-Glass Coverslipper for Histology and Cytology

Nussloch, Germany

Leica Microsystems Launches Leica FW4000 - Innovative, Modular Fluorescence Imaging Solution

Cambridge, UK

Leica Microsystems Launches Leica CW4000 - High Resolution Cytogenetics Imaging Solution

Cambridge, UK

New EM Consumables Catalog

Vienna, Austria

Leica Microsystems Imaging Solutions introduces Leica QClean for Quality Assurance

Cambridge, UK

New Glass Anti-Roll System for Leica Cryostats

Bannockburn, USA

A Newly Designed Glass Anti-roll System for Cryomicrotomy With 4-fold Benefit

Nussloch, Germany

New Tissue Processor Leica EM TP

Vienna, Austria

Free Brochure for New ASP 300

Bannockburn, IL

Leica CVUltra - A New, Safe Coverslipping Reagent

Nussloch, Germany

Three Generations of Leica Confocal Microscopes at the IGBMC

Strasbourg, France/Mannheim, Germany

Co-operation Agreement With the Prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Cambridge, USA

Nussloch, Germany

Solidarity with the USA

Wetzlar, Germany / USA

Foundation Stone Laid in Entenbadstrasse

Heerbrugg, Switerzland

Gerhard Gross reinforces Leica-Management in Lithography-Business

Wetzlar/Jena, Germany

Your Line of Sight – Quality Stereomicroscopes of a New Performance Class

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Leica Image Manager – The Modular Image Management System With New Options

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Video Microscopy of The High-end Class

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Leica Image Analysis System Crucial to Research into vCJD

Cambridge, UK

Diatome Diamond Knives

Sydney, Australia

New Compact Stereomicroscope

Sydney, Australia

Leica QFluoro v1.1 Now With IM1000 Compatibility

Cambridge, UK

Leica Microsystems Introduces New Upgrade & Support Options

Cambridge, UK

The Leica M400 E One Hand Movement Microscope for ENT Surgery

Heerbrugg, Switzerland

Leica Materials Applications Solutions v3.1 Now With IM 1000 Compatibility

Cambridge, UK

Nobel Prize Winner Works With Leica Confocal Microscope

Mannheim, Germany / New York, US

Leica Microsystems Focuses on Future

Cambridge, UK

New Precision Optical Engineering Course in Germany: Leica Microsystems and Technical University of Göttingen

Wetzlar/Göttingen, Germany

Co-operation Intensified: EMBL and Leica Microsystems Heidelberg GmbH

Heidelberg, Germany

Order worth DM 6 millions – Leica Microsystems Equips 17 Hospitals in China

The Ministry for Public Health in the Peoples’ Republic of China has placed an order with Leica Microsystems worth more than DM 6 millions (= EURO 3...

Thin Plastic Film

Market: Plastic Industry, Research Institutes, Universities

This Application Note describes the preparation method

"Thin Plastic Film"

using the...

Cross Section of Chip Capacitor

Market: Microelectronics QA/Research

This Application Note describes the preparation method

"Cross Section of Chip capacitor"

using the Leica EM...

Sandland - How Microscopy Uncovers the Beauty of Sand

Welcome to "Sandland" – How Microscopy Uncovers the Beauty of Sand. Join Jenny Natusch on her Unlikely Treasure Hunt.

Rate the Quality of Your Steel: Free Webinar and Report

This webinar and report describe optimal microscopy solutions for rating steel quality in terms of non-metallic inclusions and reviews the various…

Leica Science Lab

Brief Introduction to Surface Metrology

This report briefly discusses several important metrology techniques and standard definitions commonly used to assess the topography of surfaces, also…

Leica Science Lab

3-Dimensional Imaging of Macroscopic Defects in Aluminum Alloys

The investigation of macroscale defects in aluminum (Al) alloys with a rapid 3-dimensional (3D) imaging approach is described in this report. Aluminum…

Leica Science Lab

Visual and Chemical Analysis of Steel Microstructure: Faster Rating of Steel Quality

Simultaneous visual and chemical analysis of steel non-metallic inclusions with a 2-methods-in-1 solution, using optical microscopy and laser induced…

Leica Science Lab

Cleanliness Analysis with a 2-methods-in-1 solution

This report explains how a 2-in-1 materials analysis solution, combining optical microscopy and chemical analysis by laser induced breakdown…

Leica Science Lab

Webinar: Digital Classroom Options

As teachers, you know your big challenge is to catch and keep the students’ attention and the best chance for this is by making the environment…

Leica Science Lab

Fast Visual and Chemical Analysis of Contamination and Underlying Layers

Visual and chemical analysis of contamination on materials with a 2-methods-in-1 solution leading to an efficient, more complete analysis workflow is…

Leica Science Lab

How to create EDOF (Extended Depth of Focus) images

Watch this video to see how you can rapidly record sharp optical microscope images of samples with a large height variation. This is done with the…

Leica Science Lab

Automated topographic analysis with the Leica Map software

Watch this video to learn how you can save time when doing topographic analysis using the Leica Map software. The software allows you to go quickly…

Leica Science Lab

How to make a fast Z-stack

Save time for your 2D and 3D analysis. Watch this video to learn about the new user interface, LAS, for the DVM6 digital microscope. The video…

Leica Science Lab