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Boston Innovation Hub

Our Boston Innovation Hub offers researchers from academia and industry access to state-of-the-art microscopy systems and support to unlock new discoveries. Our systems support the imaging needs of advanced research and provide the technical precision required to visualize dynamic events. Leica experts are on-site to empower researchers to harness data from these advanced imaging systems in order to achieve groundbreaking insights.

Experience the right imaging solutions for your applications at the Boston Innovation Hub.



Level up your research through imaging

Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm ET
Location: Boston Innovation Hub


Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm ET
Location: Boston Innovation Hub



STELLARIS 8 is a forward-looking system, offering all the benefits of the STELLARIS 5 core system plus added functionality thanks to an extended spectrum WLL and specialized detector options of the Power HyD family. This allows you to expand the range of confocal applications in your research. STELLARIS 8 can be combined with all Leica Microsystems modalities, including FAst Lifetime CONtrast (FALCON), Deep In Vivo Explorer (DIVE), STED, Digital Light Sheet (DLS) and CARS. STELLARIS 8 new features maximize the potential of these modalities and give you the power and potential to set new standards for research.



More than a highly automated microscope, Mica unites widefield and confocal imaging in a sample protecting, incubating environment. With the simple push of a button, you have everything you need - all in one place - to supercharge fluorescence imaging workflows and get meaningful scientific results faster.


THUNDER Imager Live Cell and 3D Assay

With THUNDER Imagers you begin every experiment with confidence. They are your solution for advanced 3D cell culture assays, whether you want to study stem cells, spheroids, or organoids.

THUNDER Imagers feature the innovative Leica technology Computational Clearing. It efficiently removes out-of-focus blur in real time, enabling the meaningful use of 3D specimens with camera-based fluorescence microscopes. The high sensitivity of the system ensures low phototoxicity and photobleaching, i.e., higher throughput with optimal conditions.


THUNDER Imager Model Organism

The THUNDER Imager Model Organism allows fast and easy 3D exploration of whole organisms for developmental or molecular biology research. Thanks to THUNDER Live, your images reveal the finest structural details already in the live image. No hassle with out-of-focus blur while maintaining the capabilities and ease-of-use typical for Leica stereo microscopes.

A THUNDER Imager Model Organism is the optimal instrument for studying, e.g., Drosophila, C. elegans, zebrafish, plants, and mice. One device for screening, positioning, and imaging your specimen. Simplify your workflow and study model organisms from a large overview to the highest detail.


Leica M165 FC Fluorescent Stereo Microscope

The Leica M165 FC fully apochromatic corrected stereo microscope with 16.5:1 zoom optics resolves structures down to 1.1 micron for detailed fluorescent imaging.

Image coding allows easy, convenient reproduction of image settings and parameters for fast, consistent, high quality observation and documentation.

TripleBeam technology dedicates a separate beam channel for fluorescence illumination to enhance image contrast, details and intensity for better performance.



The M series stereo microscopes have been designed to provide tailored solutions for operators working in laboratories or in manufacturing. You can easily change from sample overview to fine detail imaging. No refocusing is needed when changing magnification - parfocal optics allow you to keep your sample in focus at all zoom levels.

M80 with 8:1-zoom range, with a continuous zoom from 7.5x – 60x including engageable click stops – expanding your insights and reliability. Optimized for higher magnification to see smaller details in perfect contrast.



  • SEE WHAT YOU NEED TO SEE thanks to homogenous illumination with two integrated LED light paths providing high color perception and reproduction
  • Provides the same practical, flexible, and ergonomic setup as in a medical clinic
  • Record every surgery for thorough documentation using the fully integrated, cable-free 4K camera

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Leica DM2500 optical microscope is a tool for demanding tasks in life science routine and research applications. With its transmitted light illumination, optical performance, and state-of-the-art accessories, it is well-suited for challenging life science research tasks that require differential interference contrast or high-performance fluorescence.


S9 i

S9 i stereo microscopes are ideally suited for production and inspection tasks for a variety of samples. The swingarm and flexarm offer even greater flexibility for different application areas.

The S9 i stereo microscope with integrated 10 MP camera enables you to view images digitally at up to 35 frames per second on a PC, HD-monitor, or mobile device.



Using state-of-the-art, AI-first software architecture, Aivia is a uniquely innovative and complete 2-to-5D image visualization, analysis and interpretation platform designed for the reliable processing and reconstruction of highly complex images in just minutes.


Mateo TL

Mateo TL enables all lab members to check and document cell growth status conveniently and comfortably. It makes the process of cell culture checks effortless for every team member, with intuitive setup and use. It improves reproducibility for your experiments through objective confluency evaluation across individuals or experiments.



UMass Chan Medical School launches Partner in Microscopy program with Leica Microsystems

The Sanderson Center for Optical Experimentation (SCOPE) at UMass Chan Medical School and Leica Microsystems, Inc. have collaborated to establish the Partner in Microscopy site at UMass Chan. Read more...


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230 3rd Ave, 4th floor, Waltham, MA 02451

As you arrive, there is ample free parking located in the garage that is under the building, parking gates will be raised, and no tickets needed. If you are driving yourself, please use 230 3rd Ave, Waltham, MA 02451 as the address. If you are using Uber/Lyft, please use 230 4th Ave, Waltham, MA 02451 as the address

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