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Improvement of Imaging Techniques to Understand Organelle Membrane Cell Dynamics

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Understanding cell functions in normal and tumorous tissue is a key factor in advancing research of potential treatment strategies and understanding why some treatments might fail. Single-cell analysis is crucial in biomedical research to unravel which cellular and molecular pathways are altered in complex diseases such as cancer.

In this webinar, Dr. Simona Paladino shows how improved fluorescence microscopy imaging techniques help researchers acquire more relevant data for the analysis of organelle membrane cell dynamics.

She presents techniques that helped to reveal that chemo-resistant ovarian cancer cells display higher levels of cholesterol (labelled with filipin dye) on the plasma membrane compared to their sensitive counterpart, and that intracellular filipin-dots colocalizing with lysosomes have significant increases in chemo-resistant cells, indicating that these cells take up much more cholesterol. This is consistent with higher expression of LDL receptor.

Key Learnings

  • How to easily detect lipids, e.g. cholesterol, in cells
  • What insights cellular imaging gives us into physio-pathological mechanisms
  • Novel tools to visualize cellular structures and processes

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