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SP8 DIVE Deep In Vivo Explorer

Spectral freedom, deep insights

Archived Product
Replaced by STELLARIS 8 DIVE


The SP8 DIVE (Deep In Vivo Explorer) is the first multiphoton microscope with spectrally tunable detection.

The SP8 DIVE provides spectral freedom: Equipped with 4Tune, a tunable, non-descanned detection unit, the SP8 DIVE offers you unlimited flexibility and enables you to develop new multicolor deep in vivo experiments.

The SP8 DIVE provides maximum penetration depth and best contrast: The new Vario Beam Expander can be tuned for improved penetration depth of more than 1 mm and maximum resolution. Achieve more contrast and depth for multicolor, deep in vivo imaging. The SP8 DIVE gets the best out of your experiment!

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