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Leica TCS SP5 X Tune into any Excitation with Supercontinuum Confocal

Archived Product
Replaced by SP8 LIGHTNING

With the Leica TCS SP5 X researchers can tune excitation wavelengths to perfectly match fluorophores, reduce laser power, and increase viability for long live cell experiments.

The tunability of excitation and detection, allows acquiring complete excitation emission spectra. With this spectral information, any dye can now be optimally excited with minimum cross-excitation and specimen damage. Up to eight excitation lines can be used simultaneously.

The pulsed White Light Laser (WLL) supplies also excitation light for FLIM. The fluorescence lifetime provides information about the direct environment of a molecule, like local pH or binding to another molecule.

The Leica TCS SP5 X ‘white light laser’ confocal can excite the dyes of today and tomorrow with ideal spectral detection.
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