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Leica TCS SP8 DLS LightSheet microscope

The vertical turn

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Comparison of Transparency and Shrinkage During Clearing of Insect Brains Using Media With Tunable Refractive Index.
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A quantitative metric for the comparative evaluation of optical clearing protocols for 3D multicellular spheroids.
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ATP activation of peritubular cells drives testicular sperm transport.
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Real-time imaging and analysis of cell-hydrogel interplay within an extrusion-bioprinting capillary.
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Directly imaging the localisation and photosensitization properties of the pan-mTOR inhibitor, AZD2014, in living cancer cells.
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Polylysine Enriched Matrices: A Promising Approach for Vascular Grafts.
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NeuroExaminer: an all-glass microfluidic device for whole-brain in vivo imaging in zebrafish.
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Intraflagellar Transport Complex B Proteins Regulate the Hippo Effector Yap1 during Cardiogenesis.
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Application of ethyl cinnamate based optical tissue clearing and expansion microscopy combined with retrograde perfusion for 3D lung imaging.
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Analysis of calcium signaling in live human Tongue cell 3D-Cultures upon tastant perfusion.
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Cell Calcium: 87

The development of a high throughput drug-responsive model of white adipose tissue comprising adipogenic 3T3-L1 cells in a 3D matrix.
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Visualization and targeting of LGR5+ human colon cancer stem cells
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Super-Resolution Mapping of Neuronal Circuitry With an Index-Optimized Clearing Agent
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Light Sheet Microscopy to Measure Protein Dynamics
Rieckher, M.
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Epub 2016 Jun 24.

Exploring Morphological and Biochemical Linkages in Fungal Growth with Label-Free Light Sheet Microscopy and Raman Spectroscopy.
Siddhanta S, Paidi SK, Bushley K, Prasad R, Barman I
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Light Sheet Microscopy Turned Vertically: Light sheet module for confocal microscope enables new applications for multimodal imaging.
Köster I. and Haas P. (2015).
Optik & Photonik 10(4): 39-43.

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