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TCS SP8 MP Multiphoton Microscope

Discover Greater Depths

Archived Product
Replaced by SP8 DIVE

A confocal microscope based on visible light can leave many details invisible. Sometimes the image you need is hidden deep within tissues, which not only scatter light but are damaged by it too.

The excellent optical design of Leica TCS SP8 multiphoton (MP) system makes use of long wavelengths of fully integrated infrared (IR) excitation lasers, the high efficiency of HyD detectors, and an infrared-optimized optical transmission. These allow you to deeply penetrate into the tissue with super-sensitivity and to uncover the finest details of cellular and subcellular processes.

So whether you work with thick organ sections, intact organs or entire live model organisms, let us show you everything the Leica TCS SP8 MP has to offer.

Leica TCS SP8 MP Multiphoton Microscope with IR Laser and OPO
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