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Confocal Microscope Platform STELLARIS

STELLARIS’ smart user interface ImageCompass

Fast and easy setup of confocal multicolor experiments. STELLARIS confocal microscopes re-imagine the acquisition workflow with the new, smart user interface ImageCompass. With very little training, the intuitive ImageCompass enables you to successfully run experiments from setup to result. All in one screen with all the needed controls at your fingertips. It also saves you time and adapts to your sample preparation letting you focus on your experiment. ImageCompass gives you the productivity to do more. It’s simple, even for complex experiments.

How to swiftly interact with large samples using the LAS X Navigator

The LAS X Navigator interface combines images of large samples showing various levels of detail into one single view. With the LAS X Navigator, you always have a clear orientation for your imaging experiment without having to handle multiple separate files. ​It allows you to navigate seamlessly from overview to high-resolution detail and find the relevant details in your sample. Get excellent research results quickly and benefit from the high productivity of the LAS X Navigator on STELLARIS.

STELLARIS. Confocal re-imagined.

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