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Confocal Microscope Platform STELLARIS


  • Power HyD detectors deliver a PDE up to an average of 56% with the most commonly used fluorophores. At least 2x more efficiency than what can be achieved with conventional alkali photomultipliers. PDE in the extended red range is even 3x higher
  • Near Infrared (NIR) detection range is extended to 850 nm, accommodating 3 additional detection colors
  • Power HyD S technology in combination with Power Counting delivers more than twice dynamic range compared with classical photon counting
  • Up to 8 excitation lines from 440 nm to 790 nm can be used simultaneously with the next generation White Light Lasers
  • A redesigned beam path that maximises transmission efficiency


  • Pixel by pixel readout of the average photon arrival time, simultaneous with intensity detection
  • Up to 16 time-gates simultaneously, digitally tunable
  • Life-time based component separation algorithm


  • Set up a multicolor experiment with 1 click per fluorophore
  • Maximal signal yield through optimal acquisition settings, automatically selected
  • Uncompromised temporal resolution up to 428 frames/sec maintaining optimal image quality, further enhanced by LIGHTNING
  • Access to fluorescence lifetime information in 1 click