Streamline your inspection process

Benefit from Emspira 3 as your integrated solution for comparison, measurement, and data sharing which allows you to optimize your inspection and ditch the PC.

Inspect with a single system

Emspira 3 helps you to perform comprehensive visual inspection tasks with no need for a PC, giving you in addition the advantage of less clutter. Its integrated on-screen display (OSD) provides intuitive tools for stand-alone operation.

You no longer need to have different workstations with PCs for dedicated work steps. Efficiency is increased because the days of changing between workstations are over.

Emspira 3 digital microscope with LED2000 integrated LED incident illumination stand.

With a single system you can streamline your inspection process without the need for a PC. Measure, annotate, and share results in stand-alone mode with the on-screen display.

Measure and annotate directly during visual inspection without a PC

In stand-alone mode, you can measure multiple regions on the sample in the live image and save the results with it. Easily highlight features and areas of interest on the sample by adding comments and conclusions, as text and graphical elements, to the image. 

Directly compare to references with a single click

Pass / fail decision making is facilitated by comparing the live image directly to reference images or customized overlays with a single click. It is especially helpful for recurring tasks, e.g. checking if parts or components are within specified tolerances.

I find that Emspira 3 is a very clever system. The image quality, fast live image, and integrated measurement capabilities are great! Its usage is simple, straightforward, and neat. All the functionalities I need for my work are there. With Emspira 3, I would not have to ask my R&D colleagues anymore if I can use their imaging system. I envision that Emspira 3 could replace our current imaging solution setup. Once it is integrated into the department where I work, it would greatly boost our efficiency.

Gary Grote, Post-Market Principal Technician, Cardio Vascular Structural Heart Quality, Medtronic, Inc., 7611 Northland Drive, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428, United States

Networking for practical sharing and storage

Enhance communication for fast decisions

In stand-alone mode, you can automatically save images on network folders for more practical sharing and also quickly send images via email with a press of a button.

Keep your data easily available at all times

Minimize the risk of data loss by keeping results and data on your local network for worry-free storage. This capability gives you the confidence that all relevant data is available when you need it.

Emspira 3 digital microscope with standard base and LED3000 ring light illumination.
Emspira 3 is adaptable to your requirements – available in different configurations.

Cover your inspection needs flexibly

Work with Emspira 3 the way you want. You get the solution that works best for your requirements and is adaptable to the needs of individual users.

Adaptable for your different tasks

Customize Emspira 3 to the demands of many samples and easily adapt it to the changing needs of specific applications, like R&D and failure analysis, thanks to its modular design and large variety of accessories. Depending on your tasks, you choose how to store images - on USB drives or in network folders.

Use the illumination that works for your sample: From multiple illumination options, choose the one which reveals the relevant details.

Go smoothly from overview to details: Quickly change the field of view with the 8:1 zoom range. The encoded zoom helps to ensure correct measurement results and prevent human errors.

We are very excited about certain features that are provided with the Empira 3 digital microscope. In terms of inspection, the biggest advantage for us are the integrated measurement and direct comparison functions. When developing many different types of injection-molded components, Emspira 3 allows us to rapidly make measurements and comparisons concerning dimensional outputs. For development tasks, this gives us an almost instantaneous feedback and helps us save a lot of time.

Tony Bauer, Process Engineer, Boston Scientific, 2 Scimed PL, Mailstop B271, USA

Inspect with a single system – no need for a PC. Streamline your inspection process with a lean setup by operating Emspira 3 in stand-alone mode. Benefit from its integrated, on-screen-display functionalities.

Just use it – designed for everyone

Emspira 3 is designed for users of any skill level. You can operate the system intuitively with minimal training, saving you time and effort. Work according to your preferred style – using a mouse, keyboard, touch display, and hand / foot switch.

Simplified use with an adaptable user interface

The customizable interface allows you to simplify the operation by hiding functions not needed and make it as lean as desired, while still meeting your needs.

Work with confidence

Designed for robustness

Uptime is maximized as the robust and reliable design minimizes maintenance due to low wear and tear. The robust IP 21 housing of Emspira 3 protects its internal optics and mechanics from industrial environments.

The risk of spreading germs among your team can be reduced thanks to the AgTreat antimicrobial surface.

Ergonomic workplace

Emspira 3 as a digital microscope without eyepieces offers ergonomic benefits. Users can inspect in a comfortable way with less strain when viewing fast live images (up to 60 fps) in 4K resolution on a monitor.

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